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Frank Chiapperino suggests three ideas for making a new year your best year ever.
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Engaging the culture means getting connected
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Pastor Brian Jones shares five essential things he's learned in the last five years about starting and maintaining effective, life»
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Need a free alternative to Adobe's pricey image manipulation program?
Blog Entry | Books >
A lot has happened in the 5 years since I first had a blog dialogue with my former small groups pastor Frank Chiapperino about small groups and discipleship. 1. Frank has since moved on to become the Senior Pastor of Hope Summit Christian Church in Rochester, Minnesota. As I knew he would, he’s doing an outstanding job leading that congregation in growth and maturity. 2. I condensed my blog comments into an article that was later published by T»
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  Yesterday I re-posted a 5 year old article I wrote in conjunction with a blog series I did with my former small groups pastor, Frank Chiapperino. Here was Frank’s outstanding response to what I wrote. Tomorrow I will post on what’s happened at CCV in the last 5 years since this conversation. by Frank Chiapperino, Guest Blogger I have been working with Brian at CCV for quite some time now, and it is a pleasure to work with someone that is s»
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A number of years ago my former small groups pastor, Frank Chiapperino, and I did a fun back-and-forth blog series about small groups. I took that down, because many misunderstood the purpose of the article. That was a mistake. I’m a fan of well-led, rightly focused small groups. Not the other kind A few years ago I brought in a nationally recognized pastor to do some consulting for our church. One of the things I remember the most about my tim»