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Blog Entry | Technology >
When I saw the above cartoon this past Sunday, I could not help but chuckle.  I love cartoons and Speed Bump is one of my favorites.  (that’s why you will see numerous posts here containing them)  However, as I thought about this particular cartoon, a more serious thought entered my mind.  This cartoon is not that far off from real life.  How many times throughout your life have you sinned and thought you could hide your sin from God?  Be»
Blog Entry | Humor >
I live in the somewhat-country. We’re close to civilization, but there’s a cattle farm bordering our backyard. One of my favorite things about our semi-rural home is that I can see the stars. I like stars And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth,to rule over the day and over the»
Blog Entry | Higher Education >
This post comes to us by permission from Dr. Michael W. Stroope’s blog: MereHope: Finding that Jesus is Enough A young female student tilts her head toward me, looks me in the eyes, and asks, “Who am I to stand before a congregation and preach, or to stand in a hospital room and pray for the sick or bereaved, or to sit with the confused and abused and speak words of hope, or to touch a broken and hurting sister on the arm, or to embrace and»
Blog Entry | Higher Education >
The Book of Psalms: Reading Backwards from the Beginning NancyL. deClaisse-Walford Professorof Old Testament and Biblical LanguagesThis is an abbreviated version ofthe paper I delivered in a public lecture at Philipps University in Marburg,Germany, on November 9, 2011.           I havebeen a student of the book of Psalms for twenty years.  During the past ten years I have extensivelystud»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I had just gotten home from the gym and was drinking my protein shake in the kitchen when I heard a faint cry. It wasn’t abnormal to hear my dogs voice their desire to emerge from their crates once I arrived home, but something about this cry was different. I went over to let my three darlings out, and when I opened Pebbles’ little door I was shocked to find her unable to use her hind legs and, even worse, panting profusely. I knew she needed»
Blog Entry | Technology >
Sunday afternoons around my house mean two things that go together like grits and butter.  The first is a nap and the second is racing.  These two sports, yes I consider napping a sport (and I play in the major league), napping and racing just compliment each other.  The sound of the cars going around the track, a belly full of fried chicken, and the February sun shining through the window hitting the Lazy Boy recliner in just the perfect spot»