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Yesterday the Gideons showed up at my church.  Actually, not all of them were there.  Only one of them was there. This reminded me of when I was in the 5th grade at Alpha Elementary in Morristown, TN.  The Gideons were allowed to come into schools then.  Each of us were presented with a New Testament.  I’m not sure where that Testament is today, but I still remember it to this day. Most of us are most familiar with the Gideons through»

Did you put out a prayer fleece like Gideon did? Gideon believed God was going to use him to rescue The Children of Israel from the enemies, but Gideon need confirmation. Gideon put out a prayer fleece and asked God to perform a miracle as confirmation to ensure he was in God's will. Did you put out a prayer fleece before you committed your life to your spouse?

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Penn Jillette Receives a Bible
Noted atheist and celebrity magician Pen»
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God sees us differently than we see ourselves. He sees where we are going not where we have been.   He sees who we will become not who we have been.  He sees the blood of Jesus over us and the power of Spirit inside of us;  He sees the gifts and ministries in us that we can not see.  We either haven't discovered them yet or due to our own feelings of insecurity or unworthiness we are blinded to them.In my r»
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This video from Britain’s Got Talent has become viral. The next Susan Boyle, people have been saying as they share this video. Call it lack of sleep… or too much caffeine this morning… but the eyes got a bit misty watching the entire clip. I think it’s natural to make an assessment based on a first impression. We all do it. And we all try to make the best first impression. It becomes a problem when we don’t give the»
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inspiration: prepping for Monday's Bible study. i shared earlier about my small group last night. it triggered a ton of amazing discussion and reminded me of "in a pit with a lion on a snowy day" (one of my favorite books). and as i'm preparing to piggy-back off our discussion last night to share my heart about pursuing our "lions" and overcoming our fears and learning to pursue faith rather than fear, i'm getting really excited about it!»
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Imagine a sharp sword pointed in the back of a trembling victim.  Fear of the hand that holds that sword makes one walk wherever the captor leads.  Escape is not possible because a quick thrust of the sword and death shall greet the captive; therefore, the captive stays submissive and silent.How you ever felt like you were the one being held captive by the enemy?  The irony is that»