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By Glen Schmucker It’s time to do some banking today. The nice thing is that I don’t have to take time out of my schedule to go to the bank. I can do it all with my smart phone. I’ll take a picture of the checks, tap a button and
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By Glen Schmucker Some people go to conventions to attend the convention. I go to see old friends. I’ll stick my head into this or that breakout session now and then. But the last few years, I’ve learned so much more that happiness is something to believe, something to do
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By Glen Schmucker She wanted to know if she could be baptized – again. It’s not the strangest request I ever faced as a pastor. In fact, it was heart-wrenching. Strange is what happened to my dear friend, Bud. The widow asked if he would sing “Jingle Bells” at her
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By Glen Schmucker Someone once asked an elderly black minister what he tended to pray about most as his life grew closer to the end. The old gentleman thought for a moment and then said, “I pray for three things. I pray that my body won’t outlive my mind. I
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In our new neighborhood, we drove by what must be a multi-million dollar estate several times before we discovered it to be a Mormon Tabernacle. I wasn’t aware so many Mormons live in this city. It is amazing how quickly we can slip into seeing the world through the lens
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When I nearly died in the summer of 2007, the first thing I remember when coming out of a coma was that young resident leaning over me, grasping my hand, pleading with me to grasp his. For days, the doctors had been trying to get me to wake up. I
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The moments we actually grasp the meaning of the unconditional love of God “have a shelf life of about eight to ten seconds.” We should “savor those moments when” such grace appears, says David Roche, pastor of the Church of 80% Sincerity (Anne Lamott, Plan B). I agree. For me,