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Article | Women >
The growing worldwide movement for gender justice is part of God's redemptive plan, says Jackie Roese.
Article | Cause >
IJM focuses on raising awareness of everyday violence and poverty initiatives.
Article | Technology >
Leadership Network hosted the second 'Code for the Kingdom Hackathon' at Acton School of Business. The theme of the event was “T»
Article | Food and Hospitality >
What and how we eat has ethical implications.
Video | Cause >
Habakkuk: Unrestrained Prayer | International Justice Mission
Habakkuk prays relentlessly in the face »
Article | Church Leadership >
No one truly knows what can inspire the masses, but here are 3 strategies that can help you motivate people to move.
Article | Missions >
The International Justice Mission applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for passage of critical anti-trafficking legislation.
Article | Cause >
Thomas Turner adds his story to Ed Cyzewski's Doing Justice series at "In a Mirror Dimly."»
Article | Cause >
Haugen honored as a top-10 anti-trafficking hero. The reception was followed by a screening of anti-slavery film Journey to Freedo»
Article | Women >
We often focus on 3rd world countries when we discuss women's justice. But girls in America also face challenges worthy of discuss»