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Belfast, Northern Ireland-based modern worship artist Bluetree, best-known for its song “God Of This City,” releases today its full-length studio album, Worship & Justice, globally from Integrity Music.  The album focuses on corporate worship songs that awaken the spirit of worship in action, fleshing out the ‘avodah’ (worship and work) perspective.  With Worship & Justice, Bluetree is comm»
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Habakkuk: Unrestrained Prayer | International Justice Mission
Habakkuk prays relentlessly in the face »
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I am an eternal optimist. I look for the best in people. Always. My greatest bent in life is to look for the ways in which things and people, systems and structures may be restored. I just see hope and potential everywhere.  Brokenhearted people, antique furniture, neighborhoods crumbling under the foreclosure crisis, students who have fallen through the gaps in the education system. It is through these rose-tinted lenses that I encountered Gary»
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I'm convinced the idea of summer camp needs to change. The days where summer camp programs consisted of leather crafts, parachute games in the field, and basket weaving is over.  Teenagers need real, authentic, honest relationships where they can begin engaging in the world around them. Here at KIVU we are constantly trying to figure out how to create an environment where we can encourage the gifts kids are naturally given, and hone those gift»
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Tonight I watched "Food, Inc." It's a documentary that looks at our food supply, including genetically altered food, and how demand for heavily processed (inexpensive) food has a connection with many questionable practices, including illegal immigration (most people won't work in a nasty slaughterhouse unless they're desperate). I knew watching this film would disturb me, so I put off seeing it. Who wants to look at chickens with oversized breast»
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About eight weeks ago the World Bank said preliminary estimates for 2010 showed that the world’s extreme poverty rate — people living below $1.25 a day — had fallen to less than half of its 1990 value. Did you get that? Less than half! And some Christian organizations are joining together to make sure that trend continues. They base their project called "58:" on some verses in Isaiah 58 where we read about how God dislikes empty r»
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The growing worldwide movement for gender justice is part of God's redemptive plan, says Jackie Roese.
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IJM focuses on raising awareness of everyday violence and poverty initiatives.
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Leadership Network hosted the second 'Code for the Kingdom Hackathon' at Acton School of Business. The theme of the event was “T»
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What and how we eat has ethical implications.