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"Frank Viola shares about how to get free from the agony of finding God's will for your life. He talks about the bi»
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God has it under control. Don’t worry, because His will is unstoppable. How many times have you heard this? I know, as a Christian afraid of a lot of things that largely have to do with what God is calling me towards, I have said this a lot – and with the best of intentions, but the worst of reasons. The Christian subculture is a funny thing to me. We talk about how much we trust God all the time, and when He tells us to actually trust Him w»
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I used to go through life and wonder: “What am I supposed to be doing? How can I further God’s kingdom? How do I share the best kind of love possible and radiate His light?” Through a tiny little girl I have gotten a huge answer – a purpose, a solution and a feeling. I saw her and felt drawn to pick her up and kiss her cheek, nose and forehead, and hold her head up when she couldn’t. I got that “can’t breathe” kind of feeling T»
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  Ed Wales (back left) and fellow volunteers pose at the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid, where they sort and package shoes to be distributed to children all over the world via Shoes for Orphan Souls®. By Ed Wales What started as an ordinary day became one that changed the rest of my life. Isn’t that just like God, to take the ordinary and use it in an extraordinary way? My morning routine began with a three-mile run, a shower, a cup of c»
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Strong. Patient. Loving. Just. These are the kind of words that God uses to describe Himself. But what about the words G»
Blog Entry | Women >
Mornin’ Girlfriends! This is going to be a FANTABULOUS Friday for us all! I believe God is going to fire up in you that which has been inactive, out of action, undeveloped and lying dormant! The battle cry for today is”WAKE UP FROM YOUR STUPOR”!! Lisa Bevere wrote a book entitled “Lioness Arising” (which I highly recommend you read), in which she talks about the many attributes of the lioness. The lioness teaches us how to wake up our c»
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I read this article on Prodigal Magazine not too long ago called, "When God Doesn't Heal." It was written by»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
We must remember that God’s economy is not confined to our worldview which comes from our limited circumstances, no matter how broad or narrow our life’s experiences have been. In our human angst that stems from our innate need to control our circumstances we naturally find ourselves limiting God to the lenses through which we view the world. Often it is difficult to respond to our life’s circumstances with, “I trust you God. I trust tha»
Blog Entry | Family >
What a beautiful day! What an extravagant gift God gave us today? Do you ever think like that or do you miss the bigger picture because you are stuck in the little details (like I often do) of what needs to be done, where do I need to go and how can I make it through the day? I was reading a fiction book today and it had a little blurp that made me think about how extravagantly generous our Creator is towards us ... "Think of the most stunning s»
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An often-confusing term concerning the Biblical character of David is the term “man after God’s own heart”. Have you ever wondered what that really means? What does that kind of heart even look like? There is one verse from the writings of David that I believe perhaps best captures the meaning behind this phrase. I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” (Psalms 16:2) That’s it. Pretty simple, huh? B»