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Article | Christian Living >
What can be done when your reality and God's calling don't mesh?
Article | Children >
Orphan Sunday and the need for Christians to adopt
Article | Children >
Jeremy Statton recounts the amazing story of his adopted son's cancer diagnosis.
Article | Missional >
A short interview on his favorite radio station sparked Ed to get involved in caring for Russian orphans more than 15 years ago. T»
Article | Work >
How do you know if God's calling you to something certain?
Article | Women >
God's will extends from birth to death, not limited to certain phases of life.
Article | Church Leadership >
Jennifer Callaway reviews Ruth Haley Barton's leadership book, "Pursuing God's Will Together," saying it should be "»
Article | Children >
An airplane window seat reveals so much of God's creative power to Miss PattyCake, who shares her discoveries with kids.
Article | Inspiration >
What is God's will for my life? Chris Patton suggests that outside influences all too often result in a lack of spiritual progress»
Article | Christian Living >
God's will for your life might not always feel easy or peaceful.