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Audio | Preaching >
Matt Blackwell, South Campus Pastor of the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX, preaches on Exodus 33:1-4 and 12»
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Max Lucado continues his sermon series on the life of Joseph.
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By Karen Calhoun Philippians 4:4-7 Twenty-seven people were on the stand-by list at the flight gate when I arrived. I watched them return to the agent, time after time, fretting for the word that they were confirmed. And the departure time posted later and later. The agent’s face was calm, peaceful, encouraging and patient. Her eyes drank in the restlessness of each passenger; her listening was intensely focused. Yet it was a long, long time be»
Blog Entry | Theology >
Have you ever asked yourself to define the presence of God? I mean going beyond the concept of His omnipresence. We all get that He's every where at all times. There is more to this concept. There is solitude. There is seeking (on both parts). There is depth to the stillness and a profound sound to His love for us.Henri Nouwen, in his book Out of Solitude says that "the secrecy of Jesus' ministry lies in solitude" and I agree. Stepping away from»
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My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. Isaiah 32:18 I have danced up and down the scale few dozen times in my adult life. My problem wasn't information; it was transformation. I could lose weight but it just kept finding me. Last spring I had some fairly significant health issues and decided to surrender my battle with food to God's capable hands. His presence gave me the present of hea»
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“This side of Paradise, people are with God in such a remote and spotty way that their experience of Eternal Life is at best like the experience you get of a place approaching it at night in a fast train. Even the saints see only an occasional light go whipping by, hear only a sound or two over the clatter of the rails.” Frederick Buechner H/T: MINemergent Communique
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I don't really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do what I hate. (Rom. 7:15 NLT)The storm raged in my mind as I wrestled with my thoughts. How can I allow conflict to rise between me and someone so close to me? Why can't I keep my mouth shut, when I'm provoke? And how can my words of concern become so twisted to be interpreted as a guilt trip or judgement? Lord, I don't want to spend one more day dis»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
I stopped by the nursery the other day and watched my son play and eat his snack. He didn’t know I was behind the glass watching him. It’s weird because I was happy just watching him. He wasn’t doing anything for me. He was simply being himself and enjoying the moment. For some reason it brought me joy. I had this overwhelming sense of love towards him. I love him because he’s mine and for no other reason. There’s nothing he can ever do»
Blog Entry | Devotionals >
To my Twitter friend: I can hear the anguish in your spirit, and the emptiness in your soul. Our world is truly in terrible shape, largely because we, as humans, have rejected God and turned away from Him. God will never force anyone to believe in Him. He has given us the right to choose our own path, and the choices we have made as society have driven us further away from God’s truth. One of God’s principles is you reap what you sow.  We ha»
Blog Entry | Culture >
When was the last time you soaked in the aching beauty of God’s creation? Or let me ask you, how does the aching beauty of God’s creation move you? I hope it does. God’s creation could be the very heart monitor you need to check the condition of your spiritual life. The music of God’s creation is all around us and this past weekend, I had a deep soak in the visual artistry of God. A long drive through vineyards, past California oaks, and»