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Article | Bible Study >
The gift of the Holy Spirit allowed the early church to accomplish much, and the Spirit is still at work today.
Article | Christian Living >
Sometimes God doesn't stop the pain even though we pray that he will. Wayne Stiles takes a look at how Christians can respond when»
Article | Devotionals >
God is with you, so don't forget to trust him.
Article | Christian Living >
What can be done when your reality and God's calling don't mesh?
Article | Sports and Recreation >
Jim Denison looks at baseball and questions if it might be God's favorite sport.
Article | Bible Study >
Glen Schmucker looks at the arrival of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 and sees a reminder of the way God often works — through his pe»
Article | Bible Study >
Wayne Stiles relates why the ancient biblical city of Joppa was important and why it remains important today.
Audio | Preaching >
Matt Blackwell, South Campus Pastor of the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, TX, preaches on Exodus 33:1-4 and 12»
Audio | Spiritual Growth >
Max Lucado continues his sermon series on the life of Joseph.
Article | Prayer >
Tim Spivey's challenging his church to "pray the hours" in order to heighten their collective awareness of God's presenc»