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Article | Church Leadership >
Tension within a team may not be such a bad thing after all.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Last week I said goodbye to my house. Today I reluctantly kiss my wife goodbye for a 10 day trip to Cambodia. And as if that wasn’t enough, I now apparently have to say goodbye to my Hall of Fame quarterback, too? (I propose all Indianapolis area golf courses be permanently reduced to 17 holes in honor of #18). All of today’s posts will officially be 83% more melancholy. Goodbye sucks. Goodbyes are fear factories. Even though Mandy&#»
Blog Entry | Devotionals >
For too many, the focus of Lent is on giving something up. To only focus upon what we give up misses the true focus. Lent is a season of turning our attention evermore towards Christ. We give up something good in order to lay hold of something better. The best approach to Lent may be to say, what shall I take up this season in order to focus on Christ. Then only secondarily, to ask what one could give up to make that pursuit of Christ a reality.O»
Article | Christian Living >
An excerpt from In Pursuit of Great AND Godly Leadership: Tapping the Wisdom of the World for the Kingdom of God
Article | Christian Living >
How do you spend your time, money and resources?
Article | Cause >
Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christm»
Article | Youth >
Taking ordinary opportunities to live radically
Article | Preaching >
Pastors "can never be the truth or tell the truth until we know the truth."»
Article | Money and Stewardship >
How does faith affect our investing practices?
Article | Small Groups >
The pros and cons of teaching a small group