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Video | Holidays >
Kids Answer "What is Christmas?" | Granger Community Church
Some of the kids from the Early Learning Center at Granger Community Church explain the story of Chr…
Video | Holidays >
The Upside-Down Truth About Christmas | Granger Community Church
An inventive, word-only video relates the truth of Christmas. Created by Granger Community Church.
Video | Prayer >
Kids' Prayers | Granger Community Church
The children of Granger Community Church were asked to write a prayer to God. Take a glimpse into wh…
Video | Music >
Noel / Mary Mary / Little Drummer Boy | Granger Community Church
This piece was arranged and performed by the GCC Arts Team for the Granger Commons Christmas Spectac…
Video | Inspiration >
When the Saints | Granger Community Church
This piece, featuring an original drama and the song by Sara Groves, was performed by the GCC Arts &…
Video | Relationships >
Reset Relationships | Granger Community Church
Joe's awkward blind date with Melinda is saved by a magic Reset button. Written and produced by the …
Article | Church Leadership >
Why is Granger Community Church changing its name to Granger Commons? ...
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Of course it's been a trend for years to have churches remove denominational labels from their identity and church signs. But now Granger Community Church has chosen to remove the word "church" from their property. There building will  now be called the Granger Commons. This decision ...
Video | Prayer >
Prayer | Granger Community Church
Sometimes when we pray we get frustrated - we wonder if God is even hearing us. We find ourselves pr…
Video | Inspiration >
Mutiny | Granger Community Church
"There is a mutiny in my soul and I'm in this fight for my life, with a violent, gushing sickne…