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Eyes on the Prize | Sara Groves
With just a piano and acoustic guitar, S»
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The Museum recently stopped by the FaithVillage offices to talk about their latest release, "My Only Rescue."»
Article | Music >
Will you want to stay together or break up after hearing this new album?
Article | Music >
Is Response worth your time and money?
Article | Youth >
Tips for youth leaders on why and how they can utilize FV
Article | Music >
Ryan Gregg breaks down the new album Vice verses
Article | Christian Living >
How did FaithVillage start?
Video | Film >
'The Good Lie' | Movie Trailer
They were known simply as “The Lost Bo»
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'Peter Goes Fishing' | Brad Lomenick
Watch as Jesus hand-selects Peter to be »
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'Son Of God' Movie Clip | No King But Caesar
Son of God comes to theaters February 28»