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Article | Collegiate >
Story of three mission trips undertaken by DBU students during Spring Break 2014
Article | Money and Stewardship >
What vulture capitalism has to do with the gospel.
Blog Entry | Family >
Over the Summer our family gathers together for a day long  family vision day where we spend the day  setting goals and brainstorming how we as a family will make a difference over the next year.   One of our 2012/2013 goals this year was to commit to a monthly service project – I am excited to share with you one of our Service projects we will be participating in this fall : The Home Depot Celebration Of Service project. Today, The Home De»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I've known for a while there is a generation willing to make a difference in the world, but didn't know quite how powerful it could be.  We had two teams go out to the community here in Durango/Bayfield Colorado to help with Habitat for Humanity and a local Camp Ground who needed some help.  We encouraged the students to work hard, represent KIVU well, and see what happens.   I had the chance to process the event when it was over, and one gir»
Blog Entry | Higher Education >
Q1:         What part of your own seminary educationwas most formative for you?LM1:    It was a long time ago, but I have to divideit up to two parts: My M.Div. studies, which at that time was a B.D., was agreat ethical awakening for me.  I wentto Southwestern Seminary and it was heavily influenced by T.B. Masten and hisgeneration of teachers.  There was agreat commitment to the church being»
Blog Entry | Cause >
“Would you like to make a contribution toward disaster relief?” asked the Lowes cashier. “Sure,” my husband Les said, “five dollars.” A couple hours later it was the waitress at Macaroni Grill: “Would you like to give $2 to hunger relief and get a $5 coupon?” “Sure, we’ll give $4,” said Les. The Bible tells us that “God loves a cheerful giver.” Some have said “cheerful” could even be translated “hysterical.” But»
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
Nearing the end of his days with his disciples in and around first century Jerusalem, Jesus wanted to show them just how great His love was. I can imagine them sitting around the table, talking about the crazy crowd that had erupted as Jesus rode into town & the lady that poured perfume on Jesus… It really didn’t seem to mesh with Jesus’ talk about dying and all that, but wasn’t he always talking all cryptic like that?»
Article | Evangelism >
Don't lose sight of the people who have the needs while meeting them
Article | News >
There was Jimmy Carter the president and Jimmy Carter the Habitat homebuilder. Now, meet Jimmy Carter 3.0—international advocate»
Article | Culture >
Which kind of faithfulness pleases God?