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Article | Bible Study >
Pastor Dave Dunham covers three out of six aspects of what Paul may have meant when he used the phrase "the fellowship of the»
Article | Church Leadership >
In looking at the book of Acts, Executive Pastor Stephen Blandino relates six lessons he's learned about how the Holy Spirit leads»
Article | Devotionals >
Is the Holy Spirit a manager or a leader in your life?
Article | Culture >
Denzel Washington talks about his spiritual beliefs in the latest issue of "GQ."»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Learning to listen to the spirit
Article | Wellness >
Avid runner Rick Meyer discusses his increased health, energy and fitness in his later years and explains how the Holy Spirit is r»
Article | Prayer >
Too often Christians set out to act before intently listening to God for his leading.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Do you listen to the "still small voice" of the Holy Spirit?»
Article | Prayer >
Listening to the silent prompting of the Spirit reaps untold benefits.
Article | Higher Education >
Does the Spirit act in and through our lives?