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Article | Devotionals >
Is the Holy Spirit a manager or a leader in your life?
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Learning to listen to the spirit
Article | Prayer >
Too often Christians set out to act before intently listening to God for his leading.
Article | Higher Education >
Does the Spirit act in and through our lives?
Article | Youth >
How to incorporate the fruits of the spirit into your life.
Article | Christian Living >
Holy means "set apart." How are we doing with that?»
Article | Spiritual Growth >
"If we want to thrive, we must understand the spiritual battle swirling around us."»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
C.S. Lewis' Perelandra offers insight into walking and wandering as spiritual practices.
Article | Devotionals >
What are the right words to say to each other during Holy Week?
Video | Bible Study >
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament | John Oswalt
"In this Seven Minute Seminary vide»