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We've heard about the Holy Spirit. He flickers in and out of the Old Testament like a ghost. In the New Testament, He's »
Audio | Preaching >
We've heard about the Holy Spirit. He flickers in and out of the Old Testament like a ghost. In the New Testament, He's »
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The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament | John Oswalt
"In this Seven Minute Seminary vide»
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Acts 16:6-12 6 They passed through the Phrygian and Galatian region, having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia; 7 and after they came to Mysia, they were trying to go into Bithynia, and the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them; 8 and passing by Mysia, they came down to Troas. 9 A vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing and appealing to him, and saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us»
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About 2,000 years ago Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. A doctor living in that time by the name of Luke recorded the words in Luke 11. After sharing the words of a prayer, Jesus told his disciples a story. This story can be found in Luke 11:5-13. It is a story about a man who did not have any bread, and a friend of his showed up at his house. This man had to get some bread! Holy Spirit, we need that bread! Join in on the podcast below. The»
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The Holy Spirit also makes the Christian "wise". This is, however , not in the sense that he or she has an answer for everything, or knows everything, but in the sense that he or she "knows" of God, how God acts, they know when something is of God and when it is not. They know this, they have this wisdom that God gives our heart. The heart of the wise man has this taste of God. It is so important that our communities have Christians such»
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Now that we have looked at the basic beliefs about God the Father, the Trinity, and Jesus Christ, it is time to focus our attention on the the Holy Spirit. Here are some basic beliefs about the person and the work of the Holy Spirit.A few things about the Person of the Holy Spirit:The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father (John 14:16).The Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing (John 16:18, Ephesians 4:30).The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinit»
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“Treat people like the Holy Spirit brought them to you.” Dj Daly served as a pastor in Augusta, Georgia. He now uses the income from his Max International business to enable his full time marketplace ministry. His dad, world renowned physician and New York Times best-selling author, Don Colbert M.D., endorsed the health benefits of glutathione enhancing Cellgevity. Dr. Colbert’s recommendation to each of his patients provides confidence fo»
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InterviewsHow do leaders discern, listen, respond and share His guidance?  Leaders discern and respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and share His vision when walking in the Spirit. Consequently, the fruit of the Spirit manifests through their thoughts and resulting actions. Constant “prayer, joy, and gratitude” (1 Thes 5:16-18) along with “love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness” (Gal 5:22; Rom 8:23) illuminating in»
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Acts 1:1-11 1 The first account I composed, Theophilus, about all that Jesus began to do and teach, 2 until the day when He was taken up to heaven, after He had by the Holy Spirit given orders to the apostles whom He had chosen. 3 To these He also presented Himself alive after His suffering, by many convincing proofs, appearing to them over a period of forty days and speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God. 4 Gathering them together,»