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Article | Preaching >
A western preacher in an Asian world shares his thoughts on communicating the Gospel across the globe.
Article | Cause >
Water is Basic continues to equip and empower South Sudanese workers to drill for water despite the political turmoil.
Article | News Commentary >
Life keeps on changing, and the way forward must include getting unstuck from old ideas.
Article | Bible Study >
Jeremy Myers looks at the catastrophic story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood in Genesis 6-8, wondering if it truly shows God's l»
Article | Health >
Baylor Health brings you interesting habits for maintaining your healthy lifestyle from countries around the globe. Maybe you can »
Article | Children >
A celebration of one adopted boy's journey to life.
Article | Children >
The reward of adopting "older children."»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Psalm 91:13 You will trample upon lions and cobras; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet. From the moment my first born cried for breath he has been a target. Most recently he broke his arm requiring hospitalisation and operations. On holiday. At Hong Kong Disneyland. My husband and I had been planning the family vacation for over a year. Our happy memories were stolen. I have an aversion to relive the situation, yet another p»
Blog Entry | Missional >
As I sit on a Cathey Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok the in-flight graphic show us over the Gulf of Tonkin headed straight for Vietnam. My mind rolls back to all the conflicts in this part of the world during the last century. While my personal memory doesn't quite cover the whole century I do remember Walter Cronkite on the 6:00 news giving the daily body count during the Vietnam War (or the American War as they call it over here). By t»
Blog Entry | Youth >
Courtesy of Kheel Center, Cornell University/Creative Commons License   It's easy to get lost in a crowd, I know from personal experience.  When I was a kid I lived in Hong Kong for a few years.  When I was about 6 my family took a trip to Tiger Balm Gardens.  The place was packed with people and it was a little nerve racking.  My dad was taking my sisters and I through the crowd to see the sights as my mom waited f»