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I haven't found a Max Lucado book that doesn't bring you to closer to God and further in your faith. His gifted ability to draw your spirit into God's presence through his words is beyond remarkable. So, in typical, powerful Lucado style, The Great House of God takes you into a deeper understanding of the concept and reality that as a follower of Christ, He lives in you. Your relationship with Him is not one to be lived side by side, but in union»
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The day my dad died, Hope was born.  Hope, a beautiful baby girl, my cousin Jim's fifth child. Jim is my Dad and Mom's nephew and Godkid. How poetic that God ushers in one life while bringing another home. My Dad's hospital room was just a couple floors below the birthing room in the same hospital. How like God to make sure we didn't miss the miracle of hope- the reminder of new life and eternal life. The day I let go of my Dad's hand was the s»
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Here is a set of graphics shared by Jeff Howard from New Life EFC in Aurora, CO. These were made in-house there at New Life and offered here for free for anyone to use. ENJOY!Read more »
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This summer the Family Hope Center in the Rio Grande Valley saw its first-ever mass wedding, uniting seven confident, assured, hopeful couples who had previously avoided marrying because their lives were so chaotic. “For them, the Hispanic culture is that they think, ‘We might not make it,’” said Ricardo Brambile, director of the Family Hope Center. “They don’t want to commit because they don’t know if they’re going to make it, be»
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After getting back to the states yesterday, it is fresh in my mind that I have nothing to whine about in the whole scheme of things.  I am so thankful for a bed to sleep in and to wake up in it without bug bites all over me.  I am thankful for ice cubes and drinkable water.  I am thankful for a hot shower and great air conditioning.I don't know why God allowed me to be born in this country, but I am thankful for it.  Here is a»
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Story and photography by Chelsea Quackenbush When a little girl dreams of her future wedding, she thinks of the man who will be waiting at the end of the aisle – her prince charming. Less often, she might think of the man who will be walking alongside her and giving her away. Or the man who won’t be there beside her – her father. She thinks of him with anger, sadness or regret because he won’t be there at her side. He’s abandoned her.»
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Peerless in Her Tenacious Presence. A Feature Review of The Life of the Virgin Maximus the Confessor . Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Stephen J. Shoemaker. Hardback: Yale University Press, 2012. Buy now:  [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ] Reviewed by Jordan Daniel Wood *** Today, August 13th, is the Feast of Maximus the Confessor Translated for the first time into English, The Life of the Virgin is the earliest complete hagiographical»
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Dear heavenly Father, I come before you in humble submission to your will, thankful for the opportunity to worship you and to grow in your Word. Lord, prepare my heart and soul this day to see and hear the messages of hope and joy that are revealed through your people and through the good news proclaimed in your Word. Father, Jesus, it is often easy to get lost in the sadness and hopelessness that is suffered by so many of your children. Lord, in»
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A House that Hope Built, 5427 Fannie Street, 75212Photo Credit: Mark GraceWith all due respect to Emily Dickinson, hope is not the thing with feathers.  And it doesn't "perch" in the soul.  I've always been troubled by Dickinson's metaphor, never attracted to the idea of a feathery member of the aves class taking up space in my soul.On the other hand, if I could do justice to hope on a poetic scale, I'd discard Dickinson's ethereal images and I»
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The Staircase to Richer, Fuller Living A Feature Review of Lovers of the Place: Monasticism Loose in the Church Francis Kline Paperback: Liturgical Press, 2012 Buy now:  [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ] Reviewed by David Nash When I received Lovers of Place, I opened the book with eager anticipation.  I was intrigued with the subtitle “Monasticism Loose in the Church” and looked forward to reading the book. Then I was disappointed to find out tha»