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For weeks our nation has been fixated on the presidential election as we decide what direction we want our country to take.
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Innocent suffering is the toughest theological issue Christians face.
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'Eye of the Hurricane' (Acoustic) | Derek Webb
Acoustic version of "Eye of the Hurricane" by Derek Webb.
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'Hurricane' | Natalie Grant
Official music video for "Hurricane" by Natalie Grant.
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Hurricane | Samestate
Official music video for "Hurricane" by Samestate. Find out more at http://www.samestatemu…
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Actually, it was more like a monsoon, but hurricane pandered to my alliteration addiction. Either way it rained a lot in paradise on our honeymoon. I recently participated in a panel for a HuffPost Live segment to discuss honeymoon disasters. Checkout the video below to see where I went wr…
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What will ‘Hurricane Michael’ bring to the shores of Florida in the year 2012, geographical coincidence, or certain judgment? In March, 2005, my son, without telling anyone went to Florida. His objective was to rescue Terri Schiavo. In July of that same year, he turned 21 in a cold
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We hadn’t paid attention to the news. It was too late to leave. So we were ill-prepared when Hurricane Celia slammed into Corpus Christi. I was only 3 years old on August 3, 1970, but my memories are vivid. We sat in the hallway in the middle of the house,
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Here we go again—preparing for another hurricane! Like Northerners preparing for the first snowfall, we are well experienced in making the necessary preparations for hurricanes. When we moved to Florida in 2004, we were quickly broken into becoming hurricane experts. That was the rec…
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Meet 4word woman Marcia Larson, who works as an HR Project Manager (aka Bossypants) at Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal. Marcia is also a national board member of The Salvation Army, and (self-confessed!) is in love with Tony Blair. She … Continue reading →