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Blog Entry | Culture >
Jason Boyett has a knack for boiling down complicated concepts and making them easy to understand to the average person. He displays this most notably in his ‘Pocket Guide’ book series. A.J. Jacobs, the author of The Year of Living Biblically called the Pocket Guides ‘smart’ & ‘hilarious’.  He’s written other things too, including a spiritual memoir called ‘O Me of Little Faith’, it’s shockingly honest, and pretty funny»
Article | Bible Study >
Author Jason Boyett recounts 7 surprising biblical characters you might not know much about.
Article | Culture >
Author Jason Boyett provides 12 reasons why the world isn't very likely to end in 2012.
Article | Books >
Jason Boyett's favorite books
Article | Dads >
Jason Boyett shares a few insights into fatherhood
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Steep yourself in these classic and new books
Article | Books >
Suggestions to stretch your thinking
Article | Church Leadership >
Important lessons from a bizarre incident
Article | Church Leadership >
Good tips to church staff about church members.
Article | Church Leadership >
Ministry isn't easy