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  • Gender: Male
  • Religon: Non-Denominational
  • Location: Louisville, KY
Article | Spiritual Growth >
With inspiration from Anne Lamott, Jeremy Statton considers what you can and cannot change.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
While we don't know what the future holds, Jeremy Statton gives tips for a meaningful future.
Article | Christian Living >
Even with modest incomes, Jeremy Statton says that most Americans are richer than billions of residents in other countries.
Article | Inspiration >
Jeremy Statton provides the stark reminder that we are all running out of time, but if you're reading this now, there's still time to do what you ought to be doing.
Article | Devotionals >
Jeremy asks the hard questions about why we choose to ignore showing love.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
From trying new things to simply stopping and listening, Jeremy Statton reveals tips on finding truth in everyday life.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Jeremy Statton parallels the uncertainty of first time adoption with a new swimmer's anxiety over the deep end of the pool.
Article | Work >
Jeremy Statton offers one idea that can permeate every person's calling.
Article | Inspiration >
In the midst of a difficult adoption process, Jeremy Statton considers the fears and challenges he faces versus the trying life his hopeful future son has already endured.