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Article | Women >
Clarifying the terms we use to describe pregnancy, modesty, and our bodies. A response to the responses to an article about a provocative magazine cover.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Practical steps toward renewing your mind in a culture fascinated with pop-culture ephemera.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
It’s Friday. Black Friday. Actually, it’s 10:00pm on Thanksgiving Thursday…but along with the rest of big business, we’ll call it close enough. It’s black outside, so it’s time to engage in the art of the hunt. ... read full post
Blog Entry | Humor >
Pin It   AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH. It’s here. It’s time. It’s glorious. QUICK DISCLAIMER: My daughter has had the flu, I watched the national championship before this AND I have an abscessed tooth that I’m currently being medicated for. SO if I seem like I…
Blog Entry | Young Adults >
i'm sure there is an app for this but,,,,, someone should invent an app that recognizes outfits and accessories and identifies the store they come from. does that exist? i need it! i'm always seeing cute outfits and purses and wondering to my self if it is creepy to
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
“And what about your mind? Does it shine?” -Jack Johnson, Gone Most of us will spend our lives on the surface of things. We’ll go miles long but only inches deep. This is easy to do. I find myself doing it all the time. Checking Twitter instead of reading.
Blog Entry | Young Adults >
Recently, I attended the Mental Health and the Church Conference at Saddleback Church (#Hope4MH). The good news is that they just posted ALL the videos from the plenary and breakout sessions. You can watch them on YouTube here. If you struggle with mental health or know someone who does, p…
Blog Entry | Theology >
Since being on Twitter, I have found some really great people who write some fantastic stuff on a number of issues. There are so many that I may have got carried away with sharing all of them and ended up spamming my Facebook wall. I want to share all these
Blog Entry | Culture >
The 84th annual Academy Awards is set to air on February 24. And the nominees are…BEST PICTURE"Zero Dark Thirty""Silver Linings Playbook""Lincoln""Les Misérables ""Life of Pi""Amour""Django Unchained""Argo""Beasts of the Southern Wild"BEST ACTRESSJessica Chastain for "Zero Dark Thirty"…