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  • Location: Centerville, OH

About Good Morning Jesus:

Good Morning Jesus is a prayer group open to everyone to share their personal prayers or to respond to those others have written. I dedicate this group to my mother who woke every morning and said, "Good Morning Jesus". My prayer is that this group be a blessing to all who visit this group.

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  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

About Outlaws for Jesus:

This group, I hope, can provide support, acceptance, prayer and a forum for Christians who find themselves one day something they never expected to be: a Christian with a record.

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  • Location: Rayville, LA

About Extreme Missionary Adventures:

Extreme Missionary Adventures is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping volunteers make a positive impact on their world. Our volunteers share the love of Jesus with overlooked people in remote locations around our world and help with human needs such as medical, dental, construction, educational and other basic needs. Our lives have been changed for the better by what Christ did for us. We now want to help others with their physical needs, but more importantly show them how they can have lasting peace in their lives through Jesus Christ.


Lord, there are times I need to remind myself that it is You that I need to be living for. Each day I am confronted with the sins of the world, sins that often take root in my life and cause me to stumble along life's path. I praise you Jesus that through faith You continuously bestow grace and forgiveness upon me for my sins and sinful nature. Bless me and my petitions before You that they may keep my heart and spirit in tune with Your Word and that I may be a faithful witness to others. Amen.


In the last days there will be a battle for the truth about Jesus and who He claims to be. The Holy Spirit was sent to point us to and exalt Jesus by leading us into all truth about Him. If we want to have a current word for the world, let us be seized by the current that runs deep in the River of Life! As the world is awash in decay and the nations swept away in the darkness, we must be able to clearly and boldly declare the truth about Jesus. At times this can be as simple as speaking His name unashamedly and with purpose into a situation. A most successful lie of S ...


To reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to all who are hurting emotionally, spiritually, and physically without condemning or judging. To do whatever we can to help provide resources to help all those who are hurting. To pray everyday for all of those who are hurting and for the opportunity to share the love and hope that lies in Jesus Christ. Our Goals 1 To reach as many people as we can with the hope of Jesus Christ. 2 To be able to be used to speak the message of hope. 3 to take the message of hope around the US. 4 to take the message of hope ...