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Be Fun and Bear Each Other's Burdens | Marriage Today | Jimmy and Karen Evans
Discipline yourself to do things with yo»
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Jimmy Evans, an apostolic elder at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, as well as the founder and CEO of MarriageToday, pre»
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Marriage Today, Jimmy Evans - How do I forgive my spouse after an affair?
Jimmy & Karen Evans discuss the ques»

No marriage is hopeless. That’s our foundational belief at MarriageToday, and we’ve seen it proven year after year as husbands and wives discover restoration for their troubled marriages. In fact, our founders, Jimmy and Karen Evans, have experienced this life-changing renewal firsthand. The early years of their own marriage were marked with conflict, resentment, and disappointment. Today, 35 years later, they share the principles that pulled them back from the brink of divorce and helped their marriage thrive.

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Raising Great Children | Marriage Today
Children are one of the greatest gifts i»
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We Need to Talk | Marriage Today
Every couple needs to give each other th»
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Q&A: The Silent Treatment
Jimmy and Karen Evans, founders of Marri»
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Qualities of great wives, discussed by Jimmy and Karen Evans
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The Secret of Relationships | Marriage Today
Have you ever wondered why some relation»
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What a Woman Wants | Marriage Today
Jimmy Evans discusses the importance of »