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Article | Christian Living >
by Guy Mason with FERVR
Why God wants us to look at people's hearts instead of their bodies.

let's start a revolution with in the christian faith. not one fought with muskets, bayonets, or powdered wigs, but one fought with love, kindness, and boldness. too long have we as christians sat complacent in our bubble while judging those around us. no more. let's start a revolution where rituals are not what's important but the reason behind the ritual is. gone are the days where we sit back and accept the religious expectations set forth by man, rather than God, that have no basis in the bible. gone are the days where we are told about our faith, rather than ask ...


To reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to all who are hurting emotionally, spiritually, and physically without condemning or judging. To do whatever we can to help provide resources to help all those who are hurting. To pray everyday for all of those who are hurting and for the opportunity to share the love and hope that lies in Jesus Christ. Our Goals 1 To reach as many people as we can with the hope of Jesus Christ. 2 To be able to be used to speak the message of hope. 3 to take the message of hope around the US. 4 to take the message of hope ...

Article | Women >
Everyone's job is hard. Let's stop judging and comparing, and start helping others.
Article | Youth >
Cheerleading and judging others
Article | Culture >
As bloggers, we hit "Enter" and the whole world knows our opinions. But Matt Appling wonders if this is always a good th»
Article | Moms >
Sharon Hodde Miller believes that there is a reason that we should care about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri.
Article | Moms >
Diane Paddison challenges "mom" guilt with three biblical truths.»
Article | Youth Leaders >
Jonathan Storment ponders the real meaning of miracles.
Article | Devotionals >
Shay Barnett reflects on the danger of judging others based on our own assumptions.