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Just Another Birthday | Casting Crowns
Just Another Birthday is available on Ca»
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For those of you that did not know, my 20th birthday was Thursday, June 30th. Most years, my birthday is not a huge celebration. Yeah, I have thrown parties before and I usually get gifts, but this year was completely different.It all began at midnight...I was at work (Dairy Queen) when the clock struck twelve and I had several coworkers wish me a Happy Birthday! I biked home with my friends, Corey and Melanie, and had just enough time to sit all»
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by Mary DeMuth and Mary
This is a great day! Why? Because the illustrious Emily Freeman is here, and I like her excessively. And, it’s my birthday! Woot! I’m older than most of you reading this, most likely (and wiser? well, that’s to be determined). And I’m giving away another birdy uncaged necklace. Answer the question at the bottom of this post to be entered to win! I’ll pick a winner Wednesday of next week. Emily Freeman rocks, and she&»
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Exclusive interview with lead singer
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Fear of the unknown is a common malady for children and parents alike.
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Childbirth in the ancient world carried legitimate fears of writhing and death—as is still true in much of the developing world »
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What to emphasize at Christmas
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Extended Family and Christmas
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This controversial holiday demands a Jesus response.
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This post was originally featured at – I post there monthly – you should check it out! A few years ago, we celebrated our oldest son’s 4th birthday in swashbuckling fashion: we hosted a pirate party at the bounce house mega-warehouse. It’s every kid’s dream party, and proved to be a party that has given me nightmares to this day. One of the kids came accompanied by his dad (whom we had never met) and older b»