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Just Another Birthday | Casting Crowns
Just Another Birthday is available on Casting Crowns' newest album, Come To The Well, also featuring…
Article | Children >
The Big Red Dog is having a milestone birthday. Come celebrate at FaithVillage.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Hello Friends!!I have missed y'all. Hope you don't mind a COMPLETELY random post.I have wanted to post several different times for several different reasons but it just never worked out.I want to thank everyone for all their SWEET comments and messages.  Seriously my friends (or …
Blog Entry | Collegiate >
I think I might be dreaming. But if I am, I don't want to wake up.I'm less than seven days away from my twenty-first birthday.I'm celebrating said birthday with a week long backpacking trip through Italy. Pinch me. Or don't.I have to keep reminding myself this is real.You probably won't
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
One month from yesterday is my 37th birthday. Birthday's aren't a big deal to me, most of the time, but this morning I had an idea. Thanks to an email from Crowdrise, one of the best social media crowd-sourcing fundraising sites around, I was reminded about my upcoming birthday. The
Blog Entry | Food and Hospitality >
Glorious, warm Strawberry Cobbler studded with chocolate chips (AKA: My birthday dessert of choice). Soooo…it’s my birthday. I’ll admit, birthdays are getting kind of weird for me now. I mean, 27. Yowza! When did that happen? I’ve now reached the point in my life where I ask for th…
Blog Entry | Art >
That frog in the middle - hanging on for dear life? It's a fairly accurate picture of how I've felt much of the past two or three weeks. The past month has been a bittersweet mixture of celebrating four birthdays, Father's Day, and my son Nick's recent career advancement
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{Globe thistle flowers around the fountain at Columbus Circle in Manhattan} I am a May baby, and those lyrics should make it obvious which birthday this country girl celebrated with a New York City weekend. I'll admit it's a stretch to call myself a girl. When I look in
Blog Entry | Moms >
My middlest child turns 11 today.   Love that boy.   Love that giggle and that smile :) We celebrated with a few friends last week, and today we'll eat pizza, open presents, eat (another) cake, and watch a movie.  Love it.   MC wanted a Min…
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Valentine’s Day just passed, and I’m sure o […]