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'Just Wanna' Say' | Israel Houghton
Music video for "Just Wanna' Say&qu»
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Thanks to those labor union dudes who created Labor Day! Question? Does this mean only the rich people get to work today? Question? If you are unemployed are you not allowed to celebrate? Question? If this is to celebrate all labor achievements, why are all the stores and restaurants open? They do have workers right? Ohsorry, I forgot the answer to my first question.     Labor Day: How it Came About; What it Means Labor Day, the fir»
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Happy Friday! Welcome back to the last of this week’s 3-part series, “What Do You Do When You Just Can’t?” Check out Part 1 and Part 2.  On Monday I asked the question: What do you do when you can’t seem to do anything? When everyday life is a struggle because you feel like you’re sinking through mountains of sand in the middle of the desert alone? Here’s the last two ways I’ve been navigating through the desert: 3. Depend»
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I’ve heard it said that there’s a reason why bridegrooms are all dressed alike Because it doesn’t really matter what man you plug in to the role. It’s only the bride that counts. The man just isn’t that important. You may chuckle about that, but it feels true to many men. A woman is frequently surprised if she hears that her man feels like he’s simply not that important to her that he doesn’t believe he’s very high on her list o»
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Today I have no clue what to write about. So, I’m just writing, and we’ll see where we land. I think this is my first blog-o-nothing. You might wanna buckle your seatbelt. I’m typing from an Embassy Suites in Atlanta tonight. I’m on a business trip for an executive board meeting. We made some big decisions like what to do with money and how to approach marketing and the biggest decision of all—which restaurant would provide our dinner.»
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Christians love buzz words and catch phrases. If you’ve been anywhere near the Christian bubble lately, you’ve likely heard some of the following words/phrases: Missional Incarnational “Doing life” with others Living intentionally Praying circles (Thanks, Mark Batterson) Don’t get me wrong, I like Christian buzz words as much as the next guy who attends church and grew up on Michael W. Smith.  Although they can get warn out, they usual»
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Are you ready to explore? Looking for an adventure unlike any you've been on before? While you're at it, would you like to learn some interesting, crucial facts about how some of America's most impressive natural attractions were formed? Well, if you answered YES to any or all of the above, then the Awesome Science DVD series with Noah Justice is just for you! My son---Mystery Ranger Buster---and I watched these two DVDs and talked»
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by Mary DeMuth and Mary
On Wednesday I took a run and asked God to speak to me via Shuffle on my ancient ipod. He didn’t disappoint. I’m in a crux of a place right now, between the now and the not yet, feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired and curious. What do you have for me, Jesus? What is next? How can I make the most of my time for Your kingdom’s sake and still help with the family financial need? How can I love You well and interact deeply with others?»
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Best reminder:Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often“I disagree with you, but I still like you as a person who is a human being and I will treat you like that because if I didn’t I would make everything bad.  And that’s what lots of people do and it is lame.” For as we enter the season of consuming to celebrate Christ:A Boundary is the Best Present You Can Give Yourself This Year“Consumerism and indulgence have a cost. We»
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Here’s a user’s guide to a library of content that will guarantee your offending Asians and Asian Americans. As someone who has watched more stand-up comedy than the average person, with comedian wannabe as my childhood dream (and still a search phrase currently ranked #1 on Google), a large portion of comedy in America today has subject matters that are patently offensive, profane, provocative, objectionable, unclean & dirty jokes. All t»