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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Assemblies of God
  • Location: Seattle, WA
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Today, I’m honored to be guest blogging over at Some Wise Guy. Some Wise Guy is a blog written by K.C. Procter where he explores the everyday thoughts of being a dad. Here’s an excerpt from my post, titled Don’t Blink. Please head over to K.C.’s blog to read the rest of the post and to see what else is going on at Some Wise Guy. Drop K.C. a comment and tell him that I sent you. Time flies when you’re a dad. Don’t blink! I’ve
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This week’s ice breaker moved to Saturday thanks to a great guest blogging opportunity at Some Wise Guy. If you haven’t done so already, please go over to K.C. Procter‘s blog and read my post titled, Don’t Blink!. Today, I’ll ask this week’s Stretched Ice Breaker Question. It’s simple, but it should require some thought. As usual, I’ll answer the question in the post below, and you can answer the question in the comments. Ready? H»
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This week’s 3 Thumbs Up! moved to Sunday thanks to a great guest blogging opportunity at Some Wise Guy. If you haven’t done so already, please go over to K.C. Procter‘s blog and read my post titled, Don’t Blink!. Meanwhile, here are my thumbs up for this week: Thumbs Up Number 1: Zoup! No huge description here other than this place serves great soup and sandwiches. Leanne and I stopped here after church today for lunch while our kids fini»
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This week’s 3 Thumbs Up! post has a dad flair. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Thumbs Up Number 1: Some Wise Guy (tidbits from the trenches of fatherhood). This is an excellent blog by K.C. Procter. I’ve been following K.C. and his blog for a while now. Over the past few months, he really narrowed the focus of his blog to fatherhood. It’s been fun to see his passion and commitment to his family shine through the pages of his»
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NOTE: My Uncle Curt passed away unexpectedly. My middle name is "Curt" (the C in K.C.) and I'm proud to be his namesake. This is a dedication of sorts. Do you have an uncle or family friend who offers sage advice? During middle school our family lived in the top floor of the house my mom grew up in on Staten Island, NY. My Uncle Curt owned the house and lived with his family on first floor. Some of my fondest memories of childhood are play»
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This post is part of a series recapping the copious notes I took during the 2013 Resurgence Conference. You can get them all here. Speaker: James MacDonald Twitter: @JamesMacDonald Organization: Harvest Bible Church HUMBLE YOURSELF: You can’t do whatever you want. (Session passage: John 13) It doesn’t matter where you are or where I am as long as you’ve got your Bible. Dear God, may these leaders have a diminishe»
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Everyone has something to say. That’s what words are for. To communicate a message. To share a passion. To inspire or persuade. Trouble is, not everyone uses their words well. Studies show that people fear public speaking more than death. What?! You might feel different, but I’ll step out in front of a crowd long before I’ll stand in front of a firing squad. After watching many professors, preachers and presenters bore»
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I'm reading through four incredible books simultaneously. One nugget at a time. These four books are packed with insight on time management, creativity and honor. Here are 4 quotes, 4 reactions and 4 questions from each of the books. Enjoy and chime in with your perspective. Manage Your Day-to-Day "Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of solitude because it means facing yourself without distraction." Many of us can'»
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Here we are. Another day. Another week. Another commute. Bring on the coffee. Am I right? "I find your lack of coffee disturbing." Monday gets a bad rap. It's not Monday's fault that it comes right after the weekend. Two days away from the office with family, friends and football really doesn't set Monday up for success. There are so many other things we'd rather be doing than driving to work (or in my case sle»