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  • Gender: Male
  • Religon: Bible Church
  • Location: Tyler, TX
Article | Parenting >
Kevin East gives tips on how to plant a generous spirit in your kids.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Kevin East thinks financial debt for young couples provides an opportunity for stronger marriages.
Article | Collegiate >
Kevin East searches for college students to help work at a summer camp this coming summer.
Article | Christian Living >
Kevin East believes that fostering is an act of grace orchestrated by God.
Article | Parenting >
Parents are prone to expect too little from their teenagers these days, says Kevin East. Time to raise the bar.
Article | Parenting >
Foster and adoptive dad Kevin East answers common questions about the parenting journey he and his wife have traveled.
Article | Collegiate >
Kevin East gives a list of things he wishes someone had told him when he was in college.
Article | Family >
Have you ever aspired to be like someone else? Why don't you aspire to be what God made YOU to be?
Article | Church Leadership >
What is leadership really about? Is leadership necessary? Should leaders lead, or follow?