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  • Gender: Male
  • Religon: Bible Church
  • Location: Tyler, TX
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We get it because we are in the trenches with you. Planning Easter services can be overwhelming at best. What media to use? Which songs to sing? What graphics to print? One service or two? Communion or not? Good Friday service or not? One of the most crucial tips we can offer is this: Plan your services well in advance. Don’t “wait and see”. Be intentional about knowing what direction your Easter services are going NOW, rather t»
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It’s the Easter season and church teams are working hard to prepare for all the expected guests. As a secret shopper or mystery worshiper of churches around the country, I’ve found there are some reasons that I will tell a church I would not return for a second visit and some may be news to you. Whether I’m working with a church plant of 60 people or a mega-church of over 15,000, some things are universal and should be present regardless of»
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I knew it wouldn’t work as an Easter video, though that’s when the inspiration struck. I was cutting my lawn in March (one of the joys of living in seasonless Florida) thinking of some of my favorite Jesus sayings when “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick” came across my mind. I saw the visual of a doctor walking through a hallway of obviously sick people, ending in a brightly-colored room with a person i»
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Lent is a season of letting go… of ourselves, our past, our desires. The 40 days before Easter give us a chance to reconnect with God as our source, rather than depending on ourselves. ‘Let Go’ can be a powerful reflection for any service during this season, and we’ve included several different versions so that you have a lot of options for how you can use it in a service. When you purchase ‘Let Go’, you get: O»
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We are here to help you make The Way of Suffering Experience Kit work for you and your church community- no matter what that looks like! To help us prepare for the upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 25th at noon EST, it would help us to know… WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE WAY OF SUFFERING? Submit your questions below: [contact-form] Free Webinar On Tuesday, March 25th at Noon EST, we will be hosting a free webinar where we answer all»
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When I think of Easter, I cannot help but be amazed at the depth of God’s love for us – for all people. I cannot help but stand in awe of the real fact that God would love an imperfect, sinful, undeserving people so much – that instead of leaving us to die apart from Him because of our sin – He would go to such great lengths to rescue us. It amazes me that He would love us that much – that He would send His very own Son to come to this»
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I believe it is good to try new ways of looking at things that are familiar to us (especially Christmas and Easter).  If we don’t, the danger is that the meaning and richness of these days will become routine and mundane in our lives.  I don’t want this to happen in my life. Over the last several years, I have come across three very creative (and non-traditional) Christmas presentations.  I think these presentations are very well done and»
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In case you haven’t noticed, people are just not content these days. No matter how much money and possessions people have they still want more Contentment as defined by Easton’s Bible dictionary is, “a state of mind in which one’s desires are confined to their lot whatever it may be.” In other words, contentment is being satisfied in all circumstances.  To be content is to believe that what we have is sufficient and not to grumble and»
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Life  is a perpetual mixtape of surprises and changes, unplanned pit stops and unfathomable road blocks. ~Casey Miers Today’s blog post will be short. My mom and stepdad arrive from the east coast. Permanently. I have never lived near my mom. I have either lived with her (which was roughly twenty-seven years ago) or far away. This move is a change and will require unplanned pit stops from the schedule I have known. That sounds so callous, d»