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Catalyst Atlanta 2011 | Katie Davis
Katie Davis' story of adopting 13 childr»
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Chapter 4 of Katie Davis' personal memoir, Kisses from Katie, sees Katie beginning to see the plan God has for her unfolding before her. She went to serve short term, teach in a kindergarten, share a little Jesus along the way. But soon she finds herself buying a large house (by Ugandan standards, not our own) from which to run her still undefined non-profit.Katie describes this experience simply by saying, "I have learned that something happens»
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I don't have a lot to say about this week's reading from Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis and Beth Clark. I encourage you to check out my friends' posts over at Connecting to Impact.When watching over a little girl dying from malaria, Katie wrestles with the poverty and disease right before her while remembering the luxury and comfort she left behind in the United States. Katie writes, "My heart began to break over and over for the other childr»
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Andy Stanley opened the main sessions with an encouraging message from Galatians 6, where Paul told the early believers they should not become weary of doing good because the harvest will only be reaped in time if we do not give up. He also said to do good as you have opportunity. Stanley mentioned a couple dangers in ministry that can be avoided: Burning out, or checking out. As a ministry grows, accessibility becomes a casualty (i.e. I can̵»
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Last night, I shared a little bit of Katie Davis’ story with my students. Katie was just out of high school when the love of Christ compelled her to go to Uganda and love people there. A three week trip over Christmas break turned into a year teaching Kindergarten at an orphanage before going to college, which turned into… so much more. Check out her story. It’s awesome to see young people who are willing to walk away from comfo»
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FOR TODAY Friday, October 5, 2012...Outside my window... Sunshine and shadows share the grassy ground.I am dad. I spend my days with four of his granddaughters who will wait a lifetime to meet him. They see glimpses of his influence through my life, but I'd love for them to personally know his warm humor and happy wit.I am thankful for...Skyward: an online calendar & grading report for MISD students. VERY informative and help»
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Imagine you're God for a moment. (Maybe that's easier for some of you than for others) Imagine all the hurt, all the suffering you see among the eight billion people inhabiting your creation. Imagine hearing all of their prayers, all of their cries, and all of their curses. Imagine having all the power to eliminate pain and anguish while appearing to do nothing about it.If you've seen the movie Bruce Almighty, you can get a hint of this overwhelm»
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What motivates your work?
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One night, not too long ago, I had a dream that was both weird and funny. In this dream, I was telling my dream friends (who do not resemble any real life friends) about a crush I had. We’ll call him Dream Guy #1 because I don’t remember any names. One of my dream friends was very adamant in insisting that I should not go out with Dream Guy #1. He was so obviously jealous. Naturally, I challenged my friend (Dream Guy #2) to do something to co»
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Meet Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey as they discuss their latest collaboration in World War II-era fiction.