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Video | Parenting >
Catalyst Atlanta 2011 | Katie Davis
Katie Davis' story of adopting 13 children. She is also the author of "Kisses from Katie."
Article | Books >
Meet Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey as they discuss their latest collaboration in World War II-era fiction.
Article | Cause >
FV editor Ryan Gregg interviews Katie Davis
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Chapter 4 of Katie Davis' personal memoir, Kisses from Katie, sees Katie beginning to see the plan God has for her unfolding before her. She went to serve short term, teach in a kindergarten, share a little Jesus along the way. But soon she finds herself buying a large house (by
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
I don't have a lot to say about this week's reading from Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis and Beth Clark. I encourage you to check out my friends' posts over at Connecting to Impact.When watching over a little girl dying from malaria, Katie wrestles with the poverty and disease r…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Imagine you're God for a moment. (Maybe that's easier for some of you than for others) Imagine all the hurt, all the suffering you see among the eight billion people inhabiting your creation. Imagine hearing all of their prayers, all of their cries, and all of their curses. Imagine having