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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 57
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Non-Denominational
  • Location: Spokane Valley, WA
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Epic Grace: God's Algebra | Kurt Bubna
Pastor Kurt Bubna speaks on the incredib»
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'Epic Grace' | Kurt Bubna [Book Trailer]
"'Epic Grace' is about restoring ho»
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The Road Back to Restoration | Kurt Bubna
"Restoration is God's speciality.&q»
Article | Inspiration >
FaithVillage interviews pastor and FV contributor Kurt Bubna, author of the well-reviewed book "Epic Grace" from Tyndale»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Are there ever moments when you forget how lavishly grace has been poured out for you? I forget. Life happens and the old nature rears it’s ugly head and I get totally sidetracked with anxiety, anger, confusion. Then the Holy Spirit gently reminds me of grace.  Grace that is greater than any sin or situation.  Grace that has redeemed me from the death path I was walking on before I knew Jesus as my Savior.  Grace that pays the debt.  The de»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
TV: The Walking Dead  is back – YES! I’m also watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Also – The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon!! His first week was great! I’m also watching through the seasons of Friends again.  I own all ten seasons and do this at least once a year.  And, of course, Keeping Up Appearances is my bedtime show.  I love ending my day on a laugh. I feel that I need to explain that I love Downton Abbey »
Blog Entry | Family >
"I no longer believed he had my best interests in mind"(29). As I read these honest words by Kurt W. Bubna in his new book, Epic Grace, I finally understood what was holding me back with God.I don't trust Him.Sure, I claim I do. I sing worship songs about how much he loves me and I voice words of surrender.But if I'm really being honest, I can say right along with Kurt that I don't really believe God has my best interests in mind. At least not al»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Grace tastes like a warm piece of toast with melted butter. Grace sounds like a laugh that can’t be contained or a sob from the deepest part of the soul. Grace smells like Jergens almond lotion. Grace feels like the arms of a loved one. Grace looks like Grandma’s face when she smiled at me. ******* My first recollection of grace is tied to the sound of my mom playing the piano after we girls had gone to bed. It was her routine to put us down»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I had the privilege of speaking at the first-ever Re:write conference, inaugurated by my agent, Esther (and her amazing assistants and friends) last September 2012. Wow. One of the cool things was asking how many writers had attended the conference because I wrote about it. Quite a few raised their hands. Very fun! (Hey, social media works!) Re:write was truly one of the most unique, valuable, eye-opening writers conferences I’ve ever attende»