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By Lauren Voss I have a beautiful group of friends and family. Through the years, we’ve gone through many major transitions together. We’ve struggled, cried, prayed, loved and supported each other. We are a group of passionate folks. We care deeply about the world we live in as well as the other people who share it. We become angry and disheartened by events or transgressions. Genocide. Hunger. Drought. War. Garbage islands in our seas. Thiev»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy Photo by Chelsea Quackenbush The tiny town of Seminole, Texas, is quite a trek from the Buckner office in Midland – about 65 miles each way. There’s not a lot to see in between, apart from miles of oil derricks, swaths of terracotta-colored earth and pale blue skies filled with endless clouds. Gary and Terry Griffin make their home in a modest neighborhood in the sleepy, 6,500-person town. They say they’ve known sinc»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy Buckner International Graciela Vazquez will be the first member of her family to attend college. She’s excited by the prospect of living on her own and starting a new chapter of her life. Talking to her, though, you get the impression she’s being tugged in several directions. She doesn’t feel supported or understood by her family in many ways, yet her endgame in going to college is to make life better for them. “My»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy Buckner International Leticia Tellez is a single mom, practically speaking. Her husband is in jail for an unpaid speeding ticket and without him, the family is barely making ends meet. He worked at a scrap metal place and brought in extra income on the side doing work as an auto mechanic. The carport next to their home served as a makeshift shop where he stored his tools. Today the carport is empty; Tellez had to pawn ever»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy Buckner International Mount Pleasant Baptist Church is home to about 50 worshippers on an average Sunday in a tiny community near Monroeville, Alabama (population: 6,862). Their Sunday School attendance usually hovers in the 30s. “We’re small but we’re not small-minded,” said Becky Cornelison, church member and longtime supporter of Shoes for Orphan Souls. “We found out a long time ago that although we’re a lit»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy Buckner International Seven brides take turns posing one at a time beneath a red and white ribbon-bedecked arch at the end of the sanctuary’s center aisle. One of the husbands-to-be snaps photos with his tablet next to the wedding photographer. You can see some of the pre-wedding jitters begin to melt away as the women laugh and loosen up during portraits. A storm rolls in and the air smells like rain. One of the brides,»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy LONGVIEW, Texas—Buckner Westminster Place residents held a book drive in support of Moore Books for Moore Kids, an effort to help schools destroyed in Moore, Okla., after a tornado hit the area May 20. The Longview community was quick to support the drive, which collected more than 2,000 books for teachers at Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary Schools. Westminster Place residents and retired schoolteachers Mary Fran»
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By Lauren Hollon Sturdy Photography by Russ Dilday Buckner International It’s oppressively hot. Even so, the mission team from Memorial Baptist Church in Columbia, Mo. works tirelessly, toiling well past sunset trying to complete the little barn-red house taking shape on Santa Tamayo’s dusty lot. Working after dark actually makes things a little easier; it gives the team a reprieve from the heat. People living in the Valley must have adapted»
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By Jenny Pope Buckner International Photography by Eric Guel and Lauren Hollon Sturdy HOUSTON – Most churches greet the rush of the back-to-school season with special worship services and promotion Sundays, but one Houston church stays grounded with an annual project that has now helped protect the feet of more than 100,000 children worldwide.   South Main Baptist Church, based in downtown Houston, completed its 13th annual shoe drive on Sept»