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Spotlight | Leagues
Music video for the song "Spotlight»
Article | Music >
Ryan Gregg shares his picks for new music in 2011 you may not know about
Article | Church Leadership >
Joey Cochran says that Mark Sayers' "Facing Leviathan" is a creative cultural engagement that directs biblical leaders t»
Article | Church Leadership >
Hearing a church worship rendition of Disney's "Let It Go," makes Ryan Brymer wonder if it's a sign of why the church is»
Article | Collegiate >
With lofty ambition and sky-high morale, the Dallas Baptist University Patriot Men’s Soccer team set out to Curitiba, Brazil, in»
Article | Cause >
The gospel of our spiritual adoption is the driving force behind orphan care.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
Jason Collins is the first active player in a major American team sport to announce that he is gay.
Article | Devotionals >
Obeying Jesus' command to give out of our abundance, literally.
Article | Church Leadership >
Former wrestler and current movie star Dwyane Johnson (The Rock) built a sizable Twitter following. What can church leaders learn »
Article | Church Leadership >
Though it may be hard to hear, reliable, honest feedback is a necessity for a growing leader.