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Look out! It’s Godzilla! A B-movie with a B-movie cast invading the peaceful world of A-List films everywhere. Godzilla films have always been a little offbeat, with their iconic monster battles and the oddity of the Earth Defense Force in the beast’s 50th Anniversary extravaganza Godzilla: Final Wars. The great green lizard’s most recent mainstream film foray with Matthew Broderick  in 1998 knew that fans were aware of the absurdity of th»
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The Future of Mormonism (and Mansfield) | Stephen Mansfield 4
Stephen Mansfield, author of "The M»
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The last two weeks I’ve been teaching Abraham Lincoln’s first Thanksgiving Day Proclamation to Chinese graduate students and visiting scholars at Denver University. Written in 1863 when the U.S. was still in the midst of the Civil War, Lincoln points to a bigger picture: To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature»
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I’ve always been a reader. But life shakes us about, so some seasons I crawl into book after book and sometimes I feel I can’t spare the minutes or the emotions to read more than magazines and the newspaper. Last year, I read about a million blogs, because I wanted to learn about that. I like the satisfaction of the quick read, but it does not bring to me the pure joy that closing a book does. As much as I delight in touching books and smelli»
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Today, we take places like Yosemite and Yellowstone for granted, but long ago, the matter of these national parks was anything but a forgone conclusion. This past week, Yosemite celebrated its 123rd anniversary. In the greatest of ironies, the park was closed because of our government shutdown. While it’s worth celebrating the beauty and wonder of Yosemite and of our national parks, it’s also worth considering how these parks were created in»
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Like a swan in the rainIt's incredibly difficult to see, but in the very middle of this image is a beautiful white swan. I saw this swan as I was standing in...well...I was going to the bathroom. I watched the swan for about thirty seconds. What was remarkable about this bird is that despite the fact that it was absolutely pouring rain the swan, unabated by the rain, went about his/her normal business (I'm not quite sure what "normal swan busines»
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Tiny Hands International is dedicated to empowering the Body of Christ in the developing world to fight against poverty and social injustice by employing effective strategies and biblical principles. They are committed to identifying the greatest injustices in the world and working towards bringing relief to those who live under its oppression. They are particularly called to orphans, street children, women’s empowerment and those threatened by»
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Happy New Year! We’re excited about what 2013 holds for us here at Litfuse, and we hope you have a blessed New Year. We asked a few of our clients to take a look back on 2012; they’ve graciously taken a few minutes out of their holidays to create a few lists of their 2012 favorites. ______________________________ Robert Whitlow Fiction favorites: Look Homeward Angel, Anna Karenina, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Grapes of Wrath, The Lord of the»