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"Equal parts rapid-fire poetry, speak-singing, and tumultuous, swelling instrumentals, Listener could be a specific version o»
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Ginger announces the completion of her book manuscript.
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Wooden Heart | Listener
This is the video for the song Wooden He»
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Falling in Love with Glaciers | Listener
This is a video made by Dust Brand Films»
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Michael Hyatt get lots of voice mail questions every week. Many of them don’t neatly fit into a single topic, so he de»
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I’m betting on the fact that you can catch the sarcasm in that title. I mean don’t get me wrong, sometimes I am a great listener, or at least I can be. But often times, what happens is I get distracted or lock on to one idea or another and then lose myself while waiting […]
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3 Ways to Comfort a Friend by 1-Minute Bible Love Notes"Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn." Romans 12:15 1. Be Available2. Be Non-judgmental3. Be a listener, not a "fixer"  When I read that this morning I knew it was exactly what I have been trying to figure out for weeks! I am so happy that someone else came up with a simplified version of what I am about to tell you. Feel free to stop reading right now, if you are o»
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On my post about listening few weeks ago, Lexie commented: Listening is not only important with our spouse and co-workers, but especially with our children. How can we teach our children to be better listeners? It was a great question and I started to answer in the comments. After quickly reaching 500 words, I thought it might be a great follow up post. Thanks Lexie for the question and the topic idea. The secret to getting your kids to be»
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Debuting at #12 on the iTunes Christian/Gospel Charts, Make Your Home In Me, from musician, Ben Walther is now available. Backed by Christ-centered lyrics and edgy yet inviting vocals, this 7-track CD showcases one of Ben’s most prominent pillars The post New Release Inspires Listeners to Find Beauty in Simplicity appeared first on
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Listening is something that does not come natural to most people. We like the sound of our own voices. We like our thoughts to be heard. We like to be “helpful.” But are we? Are we hearing or being heard? In my experiences of being a counselor, conversationalist, and wella friend, I have heard lots of listening styles. I do mean heard lots of listening. What kind of listener are you? I have thoughts about different categories of list»