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FaithVillage announces the winners of its book bundle from MOPS International MomCon in Kansas City and provides next steps for th»
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These mom groups invite and support mothers of young children, encouraging them in their faith as well.
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A Beautiful Mess: Our 2013-14 Theme | MOPS International
Mandy Arioto talks about MOPS Internatio»
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Summer Book Club 2013 | MOPS International
MOPS International presents its summer b»
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Register Now! MOMcon 2013 | MOPS International
OMcon 2013 is in Kansas City, this year!»
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Don't Be a Mom Alone | MOPS President Sherry Surratt
Sherry Surratt, President and CEO of MOPS International, talks with Kelley Mathews about her new position with MOPS, why»
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On MOPS and Playing Bingo in Church | Ann Goade
FV Christian Living editor Kelley Mathew»
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Wow. It’s just days before I leave for MomCon. I can’t believe it’s here again.. and I can’t believe it’s been so long. MomCon is a highlight of my year. It’s when my personal mom-energy-account is finally balanced, and (for once) is in the black. (Unlike my checkbook which is never truly balanced, because I don’t care about that .13 I can never find. Granted, I don’t look for it, either .) I’ve been with MOPS for over 20 years,»
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In my mind I was wearing a cape. I was Wonder Teacher. I swirled my golden Lasso of truth over toddlers and they both admitted to and apologized for biting their friends. I tossed my Golden Tiara and unruly pre-k students immediately gave me their attention. My Bracelets of in destructibility protected me from tears, whining and arguments with incoherently exhausted little ones. I had skills. Preschool teaching skills. When I spoke? Kids listened»
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She was pretty sure she knew it all. She’d read all the books. (Months of bed rest gave her the opportunity to do plenty of reading- beyond the learning she’d been doing in college.) Besides- she’d spent the past few years teaching preschool and was convinced that her ability to have children obey her, better than their parents, was a mark of her preparedness. Only, not so much. The truth is, at 21 she was about as knowledgable as any other»