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Article | News >
Acts 29 Network cofounder Pastor Mark Driscoll has stepped down from the reins of the successful global church planting organization to make room for Pastor Matt Chandler as president.
Audio | Church Leadership >
Ken Coleman chats with Mark Driscoll about his call to unity in the Church and his book, "A Cal…
Audio | Bible Study >
Drew Marshall's new interview with Frank Viola. They discuss Mark Driscoll, Zoolander, Mary, Martha,…
Audio | Church Leadership >
We catch up with Mark Driscoll, best-selling author and founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seatt…
Blog Entry | Culture >
By now, most people who would care about such things already know about the allegations of plagiarism against Mark Driscoll, …Continue reading »
Blog Entry | Men >
I recently came across a clip from a Mark Driscoll Q&A session in which he addresses men who stay at home rather than working. In it, he mentions 1 Timothy 5:8 which tells us that “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, especially for members of his household,
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
  “Forgiveness means that no matter how much we may have been hurt by others’ sin, we give up our right to hurt them back. We love them and seek their best.” -Pastor Mark Driscoll
Blog Entry | Youth Leaders >
A few weeks ago Mars Hill Church released a free ebook called Puff or Pass: Should Christians Smoke Pot or Not? by Mark Driscoll (click here to read the introduction and download the entire ebook). I don’t remember how I ran across this ebook, but I’m glad I did. With
Blog Entry | Blogs >
As an early Christmas treat, I figured I should share the best bingo card I’ve seen in a while. Mark Driscoll Apologism Bingo Card (on “Are Women Human?, an excellent blog worth looking around) favorite spot on the card : “Jesus wasn’t just a gentle peacemaker”…
Blog Entry | Theology >
First he published the book that inspired Christian sex everywhere, now Mark Dirscoll’s methods are inspiring what some have called “a golden age for Christian publishing… and for the Gospel.” It turns […]