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Audio | Church Leadership >
Ken Coleman chats with Mark Driscoll about his call to unity in the Church and his book, "A Call to Resurgence.&quo»
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Drew Marshall's new interview with Frank Viola. They discuss Mark Driscoll, Zoolander, Mary, Martha, and the Lazarus Sto»
Audio | Church Leadership >
We catch up with Mark Driscoll, best-selling author and founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle to talk about his»
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As an early Christmas treat, I figured I should share the best bingo card I’ve seen in a while.Mark Driscoll Apologism Bingo Card (on “Are Women Human?, an excellent blog worth looking around)favorite spot on the card : “Jesus wasn’t just a gentle peacemaker”No, really. go. Related Posts:Christian Masculinities: Mark Driscoll, Masculinity, and MisogynyDriscoll and DignityTaking Up the Cross… by Putting Dow»
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You remember them, those dazzling neon colors of bold-faced creativity brightening the 90′s like they were going out of style.  Those multicolored pandas and teddy bears were hugging dolphins on every elementary school binder, dancing around the cylinder of every pencil, doing the imaginative bidding of their creator, Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank has inspired young, [...]
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Last week, I received a free copy of Mark & Grace Driscoll's Real Marriage from BookSneeze. Basically, the publisher sends bloggers free books in exchange for their honest reviews. (I haven't been required to give a positive review, just honest feedback.)Having been married for 17 years, I'm always interested in teaching that deals with life together as husband & wife. We want our marriage to be continually growing, and that doesn't just»
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Hellbound? | Movie Trailer
Does hell exist? If so, who ends up ther»
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In the aftermath of James MacDonald's recent Elephant Room, the focus has been on T. D. Jakes and whether he affirmed the Trinity rejecting his Oneness background, about whether Mark Driscoll pushed him hard enough, and that no one challenged him on the Prosperity Gospel. There were other sessions, or "conversations" however that are worth following up on that had nothing to do with the latest Internet-driven evangelical celebrity fracas.One in p»
Blog Entry | Devotionals >
On October 15, 2011 I did possibly the manliest thing I have done in a very long time. Together with 7 other dads, and 14 total sons, I ascended Mount Scott inside the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge near Lawton. Mount Scott is an interesting “hike.” Apart from the paved road that serpentines the park’s tallest peak, there is no set path up the mountain. Getting from the parking lot to the summit required our group to work together and»
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This post was originally a guest post at Roger Olson’s blog. #Neo-Calvinism Preaching My Conversionto Calvinism I was converted to Calvinism because of the preaching of John Piper. I was in high school and somebody gave me a book he had written. I read it, understood some of it, and then began listening to his sermons and through the process of listening to sermon after sermon, eventually discovered I was a Calvinist. My story isn’t uniqu»