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Article | Church Leadership >
Carey Nieuwhof discusses ways in which leaders can learn from current events associated with Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Chu»
Article | News >
Acts 29 Network cofounder Pastor Mark Driscoll has stepped down from the reins of the successful global church planting organizati»
Audio | Church Leadership >
Ken Coleman chats with Mark Driscoll about his call to unity in the Church and his book, "A Call to Resurgence.&quo»
Audio | Bible Study >
Drew Marshall's new interview with Frank Viola. They discuss Mark Driscoll, Zoolander, Mary, Martha, and the Lazarus Sto»
Audio | Church Leadership >
We catch up with Mark Driscoll, best-selling author and founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle to talk about his»
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
  “Forgiveness means that no matter how much we may have been hurt by others’ sin, we give up our right to hurt them back. We love them and seek their best.” -Pastor Mark Driscoll
Blog Entry | Men >
The personality of Mark Driscoll causes many Christians to cheer while others are completely turned off.  Regardless of what you feel towards him and his beliefs – it seems that behind the scenes of Mars Hill (Driscoll’s megachurch), there are major problems.   In the last few months, Mark has been accused of plagiarism, misusing church funds, […]
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Yesterday, the Christian internet convulsed as 14 year old documents, allegedly recording Mark Driscoll’s psuedonymed rants on the Mars Hill website, spread through the virtual public square. We, like the rest of humanity, love a good scandal, and Driscoll never fails to deliver. Because of accusations of plagiarism, crashing parties he wasn’t invited to, and brazen language against anyone he deems effeminate, the name “Driscoll” garn»
Blog Entry | Culture >
By now, most people who would care about such things already know about the allegations of plagiarism against Mark Driscoll, the Seattle-based megachurch pastor. For those who wish to get caught up on the situation, Slate ran a fabulous take-down of Driscoll that should fill in the gaps, here. Pastor Mark preaching at the Temple of Artemis (Photo credit: Mars Hill Church) His guilt or innocence is less interesting to me than the public conversati»
Blog Entry | Men >
I recently came across a clip from a Mark Driscoll Q&A session in which he addresses men who stay at home rather than working.  In it, he mentions 1 Timothy 5:8 which tells us that “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith []