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Audio | Preaching >
Matthew Barnett, co-founder of the Dream Center and senior pastor of the Angelus Temple, guest preaches at Saddleback Ch»
Article | Social Media >
Nils Smith, author of "The Social Media Guide for Ministry" and the Web Pastor for Community Bible Church in San Antonio»
Article | Relationships >
A biblical model for peacemaking.
Blog Entry | Technology >
Let’s Have a Social Media Church Summit, a free online conference for church leaders about social media! Go to your calendar now, save the date June 4th, block out 90 minutes starting @ 10:00pm Pacific / 12:00pm Central / 1:00pm Eastern & register for this free event. Learn from the experts and discover the power of social media for ministry. You’ll hear from these 8 speakers:Nils Smith – HostGary Vaynerchuk – Social Media Strategy Aa»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
I’m going to list the most beautiful churches in the world. Are you ready? Follow me: If I said, “You have a beautiful church”, would you reply, “Thanks. When did you visit our building?” or would you reply “Thanks. Who did you meet?”It’s simple and subtle, but potentially dangerous. So often we refer to churches’ facilities or campuses and define that as a “church”, as if they’re synonymous. One of the reasons that I lov»
Blog Entry | Technology >
Twitter and YouTube can both be entertaining ways to pass time but did you know they can also be invaluable ministry tools?  Twitter is an incredibly unique network and requires a unique strategy to be used effectively.  YouTube is the #2 search engine on the internet with 800 million visitors each month so understanding the basics of this network and some video best practices can greatly enhance your ministry by reaching thousands online no ma»
Blog Entry | Technology >
I was given the great opportunity to be asked to take part in a virtual book tour with my buddy Nils Smith of Community Bible Church. I am the featured guest on March 5th, where we discuss Facebook Foundations. The dates of the Virtual Book Tour are March 4-8th. Each day 3 identical sessions will be held at 9am, noon, and 3pm CST on the following topics: March 4th | Social Media Basics Interview with DJ Chuang, founder of the Social Media Churc»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
I was unpacking my bag on the bench when I caught two guys walk into the locker room out of the corner of my eye. There are three identical, contiguous locker bays at my gym–the other two were completely empty–yet this duo chose to pile their bags up next to mine and squeeze (just closely enough to make it awkward) into the same locker space I was occupying. Alright. Relax. No big deal. But when a fourth guy walked in, assessed the situation,»
Blog Entry | Culture >
This concludes our 18-part series by Toria, a guest blogger, who helped us consider rape culture and how to better “do justice” for women. Warning: Many of the follow contain explicit images, language, and/or triggers. •   Source: "UBC cracks down after frosh chant promotes non-consensual sex", no writer listed, on September 9, 2013 (•»
Blog Entry | Blogs >
So, in my previous post, Questions to Deal with Temptations, I had requested some responses from my minister friends about what they do to keep temptation at bay in their ministries. Below you will find some practical ideas to guard yourself in the face of temptation. Of note, these are some of the most Godly men that I know!! So, I have also included their Twitter tags, etc. You should follow them as they have always encouraged me in my ministry»