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About Mercer University:

Mercer University is one of America’s oldest and most distinctive institutions of higher learning, offering rigorous programs that span the undergraduate liberal arts to doctoral-level degrees. Founded by early 19th century Baptists, Mercer — while no longer formally affiliated with the Baptist denomination — remains committed to an educational environment that embraces intellectual and religious freedom while affirming values that arise from a Judeo-Christian understanding of the world.

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Dr. David Gushee believes that sometimes the conversations that are uncomfortable are the most important. As Mercer University's D»
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Mercer University Professor David Gushee suggests that we all work together to reduce the number of abortions in America.
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The Mercer on Mission trip to Israel was an experience of a lifetime.  Dr. Culpepper’s expertise and knowledge of the area made each ruin come to life.  His wisdom gave us the advantage of bypassing some sites in order to spend more time on the areas that gave the best learning experience.  Never could I have learned as much as I did on the Jewish culture in one semester course sitting in a classroom.  His guidance, by far, was the most val»
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It is hard to imagine that in the Holy Land, where Jesus was born, people are struggling for food and water. But buildings, streets, and cars are usually dirty, worn out, messy, and even broken. Some buildings look like ruins. There was trash everywhere on the street, and children played besides the garbage dumps. In the market I saw many children working. I wondered if these children went to school. I wished they were not child laborers, bu»
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Advent is about imagining all over again that you can be caught up in a hope bigger than you are.
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Alex Dye reviews David Gushee's "A New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good" for the Englewood R»
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Preaching | Brett Younger | Thirty Minute Seminary
Brett Younger, Associate Professor of Pr»
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Worship | Thirty Minute Seminary | Dr. Karen Massey
Dr. Karen Massey, Associate Professor of»
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Christian Faith, Moral Values and Public Service: Two Views from Capitol Hill
Mercer University's Center for Theology »