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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 49
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Christ-follower
  • Location: Aliso Viejo, CA
Audio | Technology >
This week we're all about lighting and atmosphere. From making sure your lighting and environmental projection are worki»
Audio | Technology >
I've said it before, "Planning will set you free!" This week we talk about how to get ready for big events, be»
Audio | Technology >
It's call-in week! Our guest plans didn't work out, so we opened it up to you, the listeners (well at least 2 of you...)»
Audio | Technology >
CTW hits the road! Mike and Van travel to Palm Springs (not Vegas) to hang out with Lee Fields and the rest of the crew »
Audio | Technology >
While Mike replaces his water heater, Van & the guys talk about choosing system upgrade components. It's a great con»
Audio | Technology >
This week we delve into creating an atmosphere for worship in the modern church. Ancient cathedrals generate awe and won»
Audio | Technology >
Our guest this week is Jason Castlellente from National Community Church in DC. As a church that meets in coffee shops a»
Audio | Technology >
Our special guest this week is Robert Scovill, award-winning concert sound engineer. We talk with Robert about mixing, b»
Audio | Technology >
We start out talking about where a young tech can go for an education that will prepare him for technical ministry, and »