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  • Gender: Male
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Baptist Christ-follower
  • Location: Dublin, TX
Blog Entry | Higher Education >
This post comes to us by permission from Dr. Michael W. Stroope’s blog: MereHope: Finding that Jesus is Enough A young female student tilts her head toward me, looks me in the eyes, and asks, “Who am I to stand before a congregation and preach, or to stand in
Blog Entry | Missions >
Travel makes us desperate for home, a place of sanctuary and wholeness. Being home reminds us, we have miles to go before we are forever home. The apocalyptic vision of the New Testament dislocates us from temporal hopes and transforms us into people who wander toward a greater vision. As
Blog Entry | Missions >
Those who love us do what is best for us, saying hard words and calling us out. And yet, these loving words travel best when escorted by grace and kindness. Loving someone means I confront, call out, and name what I see in their life. To stand by and let
Blog Entry | Missions >
At a table with a friend, time’s memories come in haste. In his eyes with a smile, fear’s tight fists ease their embrace. In his words with no guile, life’s loose ends find their place. For this life with its end, love’s sure hope rises in his face. The post
Blog Entry | Missions >
Meaningful life does not come via a powerful person we happen to know but through a weak and powerless friend who freely gives of himself. How often do we boast of the rich and powerful people we have brushed up against or met in a chance encounter? And yet, these
Blog Entry | Missions >
Saturday morning, all hope lies dead in a grave, Tomorrow stands empty, hurt captures, enslaves. Saturday noon, no faith can act, this life to save, Tomorrow stands empty, fear mounting like waves. Saturday evening, love alone points beyond the daze, Tomorrow stands empty, awaiting the lif…
Blog Entry | Missions >
Journey with me through lives, brimming with faith and fear, Discover where God dwells, encountering terror and tears. Walk with me among ruins, echoing holy voices dear. Lean with me over an edge, beckoning us ever so near. The post Journey with Me appeared first on mereHope.
Blog Entry | Missions >
“I like walking because it is slow, and I suspect that the mind, like the feet, works at about three miles an hour. If this is so, then modern life is moving faster than the speed of thought, or thoughtfulness.” - Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking The post
Blog Entry | Missions >
By what authority do I speak, justify actions, or claim truth? I must look to the sure witness not majority opinion or personal preference. A profound difference exists between justifying my choices and preferences and my speech and actions reflecting the true witness. The witness of God c…