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FV interviews Reggie McNeal and offers a glimpse of his new book
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Pastor Matt Carter on needing a third place and seeking opportunities to serve
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A missional community dives into their neighborhood with an open kickball game, but there are ways to "miss it" when it »
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Intentional, neo-monastic communities like Grace and Main in Danville, Va., may serve as future models for CBF church plants -- bu»
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Missional communities require vocational responsibility, theological conviction, financial awareness, and a sense of emp»
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Missional Communities - Big Idea
Author Reggie McNeal shares the big idea»
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  • Location: Fletcher, NC

About Element Church:

A Collection of Missional Communities in and around Western North Carolina

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The Missional Church . . . Simple | Jeff Maguire
A 2-minute explanation by Jeff Maguire (»
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Being missional is the topic du jour in the mainstream American church, and there’s no sign of the momentum slowing down. Last week in Austin, Texas, I participated at the Verge Conference 2012 with ~ 2,500+ others in attendance to get invigorated about missional communities + missional churches + being missional, and even getting our “faces melted off” (quoting the emcee’s words verbatim.) What’s stuck with me (on»
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When I visited Conception Abbey recently, I purchased an icon of St. Patrick.  I chose this not as a means to facilitate worship but because of my admiration for the pioneering evangelist.   I often include George Hunter’s book The Celtic Way of Evangelism on the required reading list of the Missional Church class I teach from time to time.  Hunter explains very clearly how a pagan people were won to the Christian faith, establishing an arm»