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Missional communities require vocational responsibility, theological conviction, financial awareness, and a sense of emp»
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Missional Communities - Big Idea
Author Reggie McNeal shares the big idea»
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Being missional is the topic du jour in the mainstream American church, and there’s no sign of the momentum slowing down. Last week in Austin, Texas, I participated at the Verge Conference 2012 with ~ 2,500+ others in attendance to get invigorated about missional communities + missional churches + being missional, and even getting our “faces melted off” (quoting the emcee’s words verbatim.) What’s stuck with me (on»
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The Missional Church . . . Simple | Jeff Maguire
A 2-minute explanation by Jeff Maguire (»
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When I visited Conception Abbey recently, I purchased an icon of St. Patrick.  I chose this not as a means to facilitate worship but because of my admiration for the pioneering evangelist.   I often include George Hunter’s book The Celtic Way of Evangelism on the required reading list of the Missional Church class I teach from time to time.  Hunter explains very clearly how a pagan people were won to the Christian faith, establishing an arm»
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A Travel Free Learning Article By George Bullard, Ministry Colleague with The Columbia Partnership Does it seem that many congregations are late adapters to some trends? It does to me. It appears congregations are just getting around to adapting to certain trends as the next trend is emerging. For example, organizing congregations according to teams rather than committees continues in its ascendancy, just as in the world at-large teams are fadin»
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FV interviews Reggie McNeal and offers a glimpse of his new book
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Pastor Matt Carter on needing a third place and seeking opportunities to serve
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About Element Church:

A Collection of Missional Communities in and around Western North Carolina

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A missional community dives into their neighborhood with an open kickball game, but there are ways to "miss it" when it »