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How any ministry can enhance their communications with a blog
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In this episode, Adam discusses the best ways to create momentum in your life.
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Looking to build momentum while rallying your congregation and serving your community? Special events and...The post 3 Ways Special Events Build Momentum appeared first on Velocity Ministry Management.
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By Chelsea Quackenbush Photos by Russ Dilday If there’s one word to describe the atmosphere at the Wynnewood Family Hope Center in South Dallas, it’s “momentum.” The physical building looks like the rest of the red brick apartment complexes surrounding it, but the diffe…
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I am frequently asked how we spur momentum where I lead. I have been blessed to be part of some tremendous seasons of momentum in the churches where I have served as pastor or planter. We are in another season of momentum now. I am quick to point out that
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For the past couple days, I’ve been thinking about momentum. It’s awesome when momentum is carrying you in the direction you need to go, right? It seems like everything functions more smoothly, obstacles are obliterated with ease, no problems arise that can’t be dispatche…
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  Definition of momentum: the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events. Our pastor just celebrated 20 years of ministry at the same church this past Sunday. It was a blessing to share in the story that celebrated his consistent ministry at
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The race is about to begin! You are waiting at the starting line for the starter’s horn to sound and the sailing race to commence! The timer’s clock shows there is still twenty minutes to go before the race horn sounds. It’s going to be a while, that much you
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Legendary football coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant said, "Have a plan. Follow the plan, and you'll be surprised how successful you can be. Most people don't have a plan. That's why it's is easy to beat most folks."  In a recent survey it was revealed that 79% of churches have