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How any ministry can enhance their communications with a blog
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About Momentum Church Leader Conversations:

Where pastors and church leaders learn from each other.

Article | Church Leadership >
Vision is fuel for leaders. It provides the catalyst that a leader needs to begin building momentum in the direction of a fulfille»
Article | Church Leadership >
One church leader shares four common vision-related diseases that afflict many churches and ministries.
Article | Church Leadership >
Former wrestler and current movie star Dwyane Johnson (The Rock) built a sizable Twitter following. What can church leaders learn »
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You don't need all of these ideas to have a small group, but if you incorporate most of them, you'll provide a great foundation fo»
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After realizing his leadership deficits, Matt McWilliams formed a 7-step plan to become a better leader through asking for, and ac»
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"The Permanent Revolution is a thought-provoking read that both church leaders and members committed to mission will find cha»
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The proliferation of meaningless meetings in churches and businesses alike may be killing your productivity. How can you change th»
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A pastor and church planters shares 12 ideas that could help you build a quality team.