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Tricia Goyer interviews Crystal Paine about money saving ideas.
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Miserly Guidelines Pt 2 -Do coupons actually save money? | Debt Free Squad
Think you're the savvy-saving-couponer huh? In this video, Jonni McCoy explains why couponing wont s…
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"What I love about the audio edition of The Money Saving Mom'®s Budget is that I can listen to it on the go - on my run, in the car, or while I'm folding laundry. AND ... I love that it comes with the downloadable worksheets. I am able to
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Are the Black Friday Deals Really Worth Getting Up at 3 a.m. For? I don’t go shopping on Black Friday. I know, I know. That statement might sound a bit antithetic to my usually frugal, money-saving ways, but it’s true. Here’s why: The Black Friday deals online are just as
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A family needs a strategy to achieve financial freedom.
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By: Amy Hannold 24/7 MOMS Frugal Living Editor I was meeting with a friend of mine yesterday, helping her find some ways to save money. I brought my favorite books, coupon club handouts, and some printed resources I love to share. I was ready to get her motivated. As I
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After working outside the home for many years, I’ve learned some harsh realities about my role as a stay-at-home mom. One of the greatest challenges was within the fashion department–or lack thereof. Who else needs a stay-at-home mom solution to the frumpy mommy uniform? Since …
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My first blog about this was strictly how I grocery shopped for my family. You can read it here if you want. two years ago I did a series on saving money on your grocery budget based on myself and other moms I…
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A few weeks ago, the USDA warned about the impending increase in food prices as drought continues to diminish corn and soybean crops. More recently, however, the USDA advised corn crop yields are even less than previously estimated, making the future of grocery bills even more bleak. Since…
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Simple Ways to Save Money Use your library card! I love the library. You can rent movies and books on tape. You can check out music. Our local library sells past issues of magazines for .$50. This is a great way to support your local library and not pay $5