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Article | Theology >
Conrade Yap reviews "Christ in the Sabbath" by Rich Robinson, saying that, "It gives us a good overview of the history of the Sabbath among various groups."
Article | Preaching >
Conrade Yap reviews H.B. Charles Jr.'s "On Preaching," calling it "very educational and heartwarming."
Article | Bible Study >
Conrade Yap reviews Jim Nicodem's Bible study resource books, the "Bible Savvy" series, which provides a broad overview of the Bible.
Article | Worship >
Conrade Yap reviews worship pastor Stephen Miller's book, "Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars."
Article | Emotional Health >
In 'What it Means to Be a Man,' Rhett Smith discusses the oft-ignored but common issue of depression in men.
Article | Worship >
Stephen Miller, author of "Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars," makes the claim for all worshippers to be theologians at their core.
Article | Books >
Hip hop/rap artist Trip Lee redefines what it means to live the ultimate and satisfying life in his new book, "The Good Life."
Video | Books >
'Life After Art' | Matt Appling
In his book, "Life After Art," art teacher Matt Appling talks about the lessons we knew wh…
Article | Women >
Learn about the greatest hymn writer of the 19th century.
Video | Men >
'What It Means to Be a Man' Book Trailer | Rhett Smith
In a world full of demands, it's hard to know what it really means to "be a man." Counselo…