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The Future of Mormonism (and Mansfield) | Stephen Mansfield 4
Stephen Mansfield, author of "The M»
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As promised, we’re talking about sacrament today. On Sunday, I watched as teenage boys stood at the front of the church and prayed over the elements. Now that I’ve done a little research, I know that these boys are part of the “Aaronic priesthood”. They are in charge of praying over and passing the elements. The bread was passed first, then the water. Like in many churches, small disposable cups (shot glasses, basically) are used for the»
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I admit it. I'm doing this post on Tuesday, 24 hours after the fact, and just making it look like I did it when I was supposed to. Yeah, I'm OCD and just muttering on to myself. Ignore me for a moment.After softball games, it was about 10:00 PM before I could sit down and watch tonight's episode of The Bachelorette. I tried doing it late last week and paid the price for it. I'm too old for that. And I just wasn't that motivated.How many of the 13»
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Well last week was interesting. The repost of the Tim Keller interview created for some big traffic days, have you seen it yet? I used this video with my high school students. If you aren’t apprenticing/discipling someone you are not only wasting your time, you are wasting someone else’s time. The Red Sox sent three big time players and about $250 Million in salary to the Dodgers, for a starter and four prospects. Those big free agent contrac»
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                              Lukas in his hospital bed                               I was a complete jackass. Sure, the circumstances warranted it, but I was an insolent clown. As previously mentioned in this blog, Sarah and I spent about a day and a half at Boston Children's last week after our three-week old son had a somewhat serious health scare. Ultimately it turned out to be not as bad as the doctors had fe»