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This is a tough question, but it’s one that keeps coming up. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve heard from some people who are adamant that Mormons are not Christians. I’ve heard from some people who are so sure that Mormons are Christians. I read some things Mormons believe and I think, yeah that totally sounds like what I believe. And then I read something else and think their beliefs are totally different! While doing research, I came across»
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Ok, I know a little more than that now. But for a long time, I really did only know what I saw on that one South Park episode. I thought about showing a clip, but I wasn’t sure if that would be insulting or not. (But if you do want to watch it, you can. The whole episode is online. It is South Park, so it isn’t exactly PG. You’ve been warned.) I watched that episode when I was in highschool, probably around nine years ago now. At the time,»
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Before I attend a service at a new church, I try not to do much research. I find out the location and time of the service, and whether or not I’m allowed to take communion, but that’s about it. Even though the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a whole different animal, I went about this past Sunday mostly the same way. I’d had a few friends point out certain things about the LDS church (like the multiple meetings they have) but»
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The LDS church said on its website that “the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine” and that the faith’s health-code »
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Someone shared an article with me today on Evangelicals ( The article was quite interesting as it attempted to define an evangelical and explain the difference between Evangelicals and Mormons (it was written for a paper in Salt Lake City).As I read the article, something stood out. One interviewee stated:»
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In our new neighborhood, we drove by what must be a multi-million dollar estate several times before we discovered it to be a Mormon Tabernacle. I wasn’t aware so many Mormons live in this city. It is amazing how quickly we can slip into seeing the world through the lens of our very narrow experience. Who else from foreign theological territory inhabits our neighborhood? From those I see in the grocery store, it would appear that some of the»
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f you could go back in time and ask Jesu»
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I wanted to share some of the responses I’ve received from Mormons about my recent visit. In response to my comments about the unruly kids, one person commented “As for the unruly children, I understand that. I’m a little surprised it was that extreme though. See, one of the major focuses of church is the family. Family is the center of a lot of what we do. The quieting or rearing of children isn’t the responsibility of the church, it’s»
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  This week I had the privilege of receiving an email from a freshman in High School who wanted some answers for a statement I had made to a student of mine. My student had asked me if I believed that Mormons were Christians. She wanted to know because her friend, the student who emailed me, was a Mormon and they had been arguing over whether or not they were Christians. I informed her that I did not believe that the Mormon faith was a Christian»
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LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. It is the term used when referring  to equal rights for this community of people.In this post I will attempt to share my beliefs and Scripture about several important issues concerning how Christians should think about and react to LGBT issues.First, all people are created equal. All humans bear God's image. The image of course is broken in all people, but the fact that we are all broken a»