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Article | Music >
FV Editor Blake Atwood shares thoughts about his concert experience--the good and the bad.
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Prytania | Mutemath
Mutemath's official music video for Pryt»
Video | Music >
Official music video for "Allies&qu»
Article | Church Leadership >
Len Wilson wonders why listeners oftentimes fail to truly understand a message. Isn't it just as simple as delivering your thought»
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Blood Pressure
From the album Odd Soul by MUTEMATH
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
It’s amazing what we see targeting Christians these days. There are so many products that are exactly the same as a secular version but have Christian slapped on (or WWJD or a fish.) In some cases Christianity is just a marketing word. Sometimes I feel this way about Christian music. Often it’s lower quality (both ability and recording) than secular music. If they were trying to compete against secular bands in they wouldn’t sell half as ma»