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N.T. Wright's "profound, challenging meditation" on Jesus»
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Christian apologist N.T. Wright explores Christian misconceptions about heaven.
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How God Became King | N.T. Wright
"New Testament scholar N.T. Wright »
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On Baptism and the Exodus | N.T. Wright
"Paul has written a Christian versi»
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N.T. Wright on Hell and Bell | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright shares his views on hell and»
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The Whole Sweep of Scripture, N.T. Wright | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright on the necessity to read the»
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Science and Genesis | Wright, Polkinghorne, & McGrath
N.T. Wright, John Polkinghorne and Allis»
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The Whole Sweep Of Scripture from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.Interviewer: "How should we read the scriptures?"Bishop Wright: "Frequently and thoroughly."Bishop Wright speaks a word to the whole church about reading scripture as it was meant to be read. For the preacher, I found the his word at the end of the video (around the 6 minute mark) especially valuable. He uses a metaphor about seeing the countryside through a window. Only by pressin»
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Theologian N.T. Wright finds the parable of the fig tree to be quite strange, even "sinister." It’s a hard pill to ta»
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The "heroes of the faith" had major virtues in common that anyone can put into practice.»