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N.T. Wright's "profound, challenging meditation" on Jesus
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Christian apologist N.T. Wright explores Christian misconceptions about heaven.
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How God Became King | N.T. Wright
"New Testament scholar N.T. Wright reveals how we have been misreading the Gospels for centurie…
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On Baptism and the Exodus | N.T. Wright
"Paul has written a Christian version of the Exodus story." - N.T. Wright
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N.T. Wright on Hell and Bell | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright shares his views on hell and Rob Bell's book "Love Wins."
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The Whole Sweep of Scripture, N.T. Wright | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright on the necessity to read the Bible "frequently and thoroughly." "We have…
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Science and Genesis | Wright, Polkinghorne, & McGrath
N.T. Wright, John Polkinghorne and Allister McGrath answer the questions, "How should we read G…
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  A question worth considering. “Are you going to worship the creator God and discover thereby what it means to…The post Friday Soul Food: Who—or What—Will We Worship? A Challenge from N. T. Wright appeared first on Dorothy Greco.
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For churches, pastors and ministries, this is the issue of our day and a big part of the cultural conversation. And yet unfortunately there aren't too many Biblically minded, sober and thoughtful voices on the subject and issue, but here New Testament scholar, N.T. Wright proves to be one.…
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N.T. Wright has written a very helpful book on discipleship that emphasizes focusing on Christ more than on our methods and processes of discipleship.