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Another challenging video on the issue from homosexuality, this time from N.T. Wright. Whereas Tim Keller looked at the issue from our response within the local church, Wright is examining the debate (or lack thereof) and the importance of reason. Like the Tim Keller video earlier, I saw this one first at Out of Ur and again you should check out that blog.
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How God Became King | N.T. Wright
"New Testament scholar N.T. Wright »
Video | Theology >
On Baptism and the Exodus | N.T. Wright
"Paul has written a Christian versi»
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N.T. Wright on Hell and Bell | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright shares his views on hell and»
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The Whole Sweep of Scripture, N.T. Wright | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright on the necessity to read the»
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I have been challenged and delightfully confused by the work of Wright over the last few years. He’s British, wears a collar, is a Calvinist, and writes faster than I read. If you are looking for an great introduction to Wright that is still readable Simply Christian is a great place to start. In terms of baptism we have marked differences as well, but I love the imagery he sees in Paul explaining baptism. Coming through the water, leaving sl»
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INTERVIEW WITH NT WRIGHT from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo.
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The Whole Sweep Of Scripture from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.Interviewer: "How should we read the scriptures?"Bishop Wright: "Frequently and thoroughly."Bishop Wright speaks a word to the whole church about reading scripture as it was meant to be read. For the preacher, I found the his word at the end of the video (around the 6 minute mark) especially valuable. He uses a metaphor about seeing the countryside through a window. Only by pressin»
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Science and Genesis | Wright, Polkinghorne, & McGrath
N.T. Wright, John Polkinghorne and Allis»
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In November 2011 I had the privilege of hearing N.T. Wright speak. His lecture title was, “How God Became King.” It’s been over a year since that day and it still sits as one of the more profound moments in my faith journey.He opened with an insightful look at the Apostles’ Creed arguing it overlooked a glaring reality – the life of Christ. The Methodist version of this creed goes like this:I believe in God the Father Almighty,maker of»