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Mandisa Talks About 'Overcomer'
In this video, Mandisa discusses her new»
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'Overcomer' (Lyric Video) | Mandisa
Official lyric video for Mandisa's song,»
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Overcome | Jeremy Camp
Christian singer/songwriter Jeremy Camp »
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In this episode of "This is Your Life," Michael Hyatt talks about how to overcome the Resistance. Steven Press»
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Life is full of difficult situations, and many times we are treated unfairly or experience wrongs and hurts we don’t deserve. Life just isn’t fair. I’ve learned over the years that it is these experiences that shape us the most. The truth is, the difficulties we go through change us. Not maybe. Not sometimes. Not if we let them. They do. But, we are not powerless in the process. We get to choose if the change will be good or bad. We get to»
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"If your child's most vivid childhood memory was of today, what would he or she remember?" I wrote about this quote by Tricia Goyer a few weeks ago when I issued the 14 Day Challenge to Become a Better Parent. Basically, I wanted to be more intentional about the memories I was creating for my kids. I've spent the last two weeks trying to do better. I don't want to be remembered as the mom who never let my kids make a mess or the mom who always»
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The fear of failure can be very powerful in our lives if we let it.  It can cause us to not do things that we should and could be doing.  It can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. The fear of failure can lead to the path of perfection to avoid failure. We end up working hard, killing ourselves because we are so consumed in the details to try to avoid failure.  We end up trying to control everything.  We get critical of others.  This is all»
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Many people are living with an anxious heart .  They are living with a heaviness .  Something is weighing them down.  They’re worried and anxious.  They are trying to control people or events and it is difficult to focus on what they need to do  to move forward. They are living with the fear of losing control. How do we overcome the fear of losing control? The first way we overcome the fear of losing control is by taking our minds off the»
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Many people fear the “what if’s” of life.  It is very easy for us to write a script and fill in the blanks when nothing has happened.  When we go down the “what if” path it causes us to be anxious and fearful. The “What if” lane is all about the fear of losing control. How do we overcome the fear of losing control? We overcome the fear of losing control by taking our minds off the “what if’s” of fear.  What we desire and t»
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Everybody no matter his good deeds and benevolence is under the sin trap.The trap is deceitful and deadly.It respect nobody.Be it a person in leadership position like pastor,Apostles, Teachers,Evangelist,Sunday School superintendent,group coordinator and the regular church member,all are confronted with sin. Just as I call this sin trap or snare a deceitful and sleazy one,this is what makes it more hard to overcome.It can comes to you when you le»