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Article | Money and Stewardship >
The value of our money is relative ... don't shortchange the impact you can make.
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Paycheck | Family Force 5
Music video by Family Force 5 performing Paycheck (Official Music Video). Find out more at http://f…
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We worship what we fear. If it’s God, that’s a good thing. He should be feared. He’s God. But my own faith journey has forced me to ask myself a question that may be helpful for you. Do you worship your next paycheck? Think about this statement: “I don’t know

Jen started with a scrap paper "cookbook" at age 10. By 17, she was making simple meals for her husband, stretching paltry paychecks. (Canning and pickling the fruits of her organic garden helped.) On to establishing her own food business at age 25, Jen juggled raising kids with developing menus and simplifying recipes. Mentoring young employees at The New Deli as they’ve developed kitchen skills, Jennifer has seen new generations learn to prepare real meals with fresh ingredients. More recipes in the works!

Article | Money and Stewardship >
Living paycheck to paycheck may seem un-American, but is it unbiblical?
Article | Moms >
Heather Riggleman encourages pregnant teens to reach beyond their circumstances.
Article | Parenting >
Kevin East gives tips on how to plant a generous spirit in your kids.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Kevin East thinks financial debt for young couples provides an opportunity for stronger marriages.
Article | Family >
Guest blogger Lisa Clark, cofounder of SkyMoms, offers words of wisdom for those
Article | Work >
Guy Chmieleski writes to college students about the importance of trying to find a job that is more a calling than just work.