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Blog Entry | Food and Hospitality >
​   Thank you to Kraft Foods for offering me the opportunity to recreate a recipe with PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme. Please click here to learn more about all the PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme flavors and recipes. I was extremely excited when the Savory Garlic Cooking Creme arrived! …
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Prayer for the next generationDevotionJuly 26, 20111.  Friendships -  Heavenly Father, You said that people look at how others are on the outside when judging someone’s character.  Teach our young people to look at the heart – the way You do – when they are choosing t…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette I vow never to watch it again!  But, inevitably I find myself in front of the TV every Monday evening or catching it from On Demand after it airs.  I think I’m drawn to it because I believe people truly can experience love that
Blog Entry | Emotional Health >
No wonder women have belly fat! So many of us are walking around with tar balls the size of a premature baby. Maybe full-term. That was the coined phrase for this past weekend’s Girlfriend Getaway at Crooked Tree Lodge, thanks to one … Continue reading →
Blog Entry | Worship >
Have you ever felt speechless yet felt the need to speak that feeling aloud? To find words to express your sense of quiet awe and wonder? To find words to express your sentiment that there are no words that you can speak which are necessary? It seems an antithetical sentiment,
Blog Entry | Women >
Although the American Dream includes a college education, it’s not always the path God takes individuals on to reach the goals and plans He’s prepared for them. Just look at actress and author, Candace Cameron Bure; CCM artist, actress, and author, Rebecca St. James; and my si…
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
In June 2010 I wrote a review of Transformational Church which may interest readers. The follow-up book, Transformational Discipleship was recently released with great fanfare and high hopes, two years after its forerunner. People interested in church leadership and discipleship will want …
Blog Entry | Family >
I don’t know about you, but I can get worked up about things very easily. Whether it’s the cares of life, pursuit of wealth or desires for other things – I unintentionally let external craziness mangle my attempts to maintain internal calm. So every morning, I try to read or
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Attempts at Honesty - Reflections on the interplay of the Bible and CultureA Chicago politician appeals to the values of gang members in his city in response to the accidental shooting of a 7 year old girl. Why? On what basis would this appeal be effective?
Blog Entry | Blogs >
Today we have another installment of our Big Block Of Cheese. These are just random thoughts that clutter my mind and every now and then I need to empty out some free space. Love – this isn’t really random, but the word l-o-v-e has been on my mind a lot