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Article | Relationships >
Sean McDowell addresses some common questions about sex.
Article | Youth >
A teen shares what he learned while helping a friend through depression.
Article | Church Leadership >
Perry Noble, pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, S.C., sees nine areas church leaders may struggle in, then offers hope for ov»
Article | Bible Study >
Jeff Randleman wonders what Paul really meant when he encouraged Christians to think on "whatever is right" in Philippia»
Article | Women >
Time spent thinking about yourself is a trap.
Article | Christian Living >
Our brains change physiologically as we learn, and exposure to things both positive and negative can have lasting effects.
Article | Culture >
Our words have power. How are we using them?
Article | Prayer >
Jennifer O. White shares the way she speaks to Jesus and thinks about God, even when words won't come when praying.
Article | Devotionals >
Josh Collins shares many Bible verses that speak to a Christian's identity.
Article | Women >
Cheri analyzes the lies fed us through popular magazines that have slowly succumbed to culture's values.