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Laura Kaeppeler uses her high-profile platform to shine a spotlight on the 2.7 million, largely unseen kids who have an incarcerat»
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"In this episode of 'This is Your Life,' I share a recent interview I did for Platform University with Dan Miller o»
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"When I started building my platform, it never occurred to me to make money from it. When someone suggested I start»
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In this podcast episode, Michael Hyatt continues discussing his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, by answeri»
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Michael Hyatt talks about his brand new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, published by Thomas Nelson. From t»
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I joined Michael Hyatt’s Platform University a few months after starting blogging. It’s been transformational. Since Platform U just opened for the fall “semester” I thought I would share how you can make the most of it. 1. Go to class you paid for it. Platform University has top-notch instructors and actionable content. But the best [] The post My Review of Michael Hyatt’s Platform University, 18 Months In appeared first on Mike Kim»
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The National Speakers Association, or NSA (not that NSA) recently announced a rebrand of their organization, dubbing it “Platform.” The problem? It looks eerily similar to another brand called “Platform” that of speaker and author Michael Hyatt. (Seriously, did they have to use red?)   From a marketing and branding standpoint, here are five reasons [] The post Michael Hyatt “Owns” Platform And 4 More Reasons The NSA Blew It On Reb»
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When you decided to grow your business did you use any social media platform for promoting it? If yes then which one? Did you use Pinterest? Actually Pinterest is not the only platform for promoting your websites but yes it is one of the effective Medias for promotion. Once you have created your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter your customers will also look for you on Pinterest. Not only customers but it is the duty of the business owne»
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Since 2006, the mobile company Appcelerator is in the market, and it has gained huge popularity in the market in the last couple of years. Whenever you think of this company, you will surely think that it is the company behind Titanium, an open source mobile development environment. However, the company has also gained huge response from people with its Appcelerator platform that is especially designed develop applications as well as mobilize the»
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When it comes to develop a cross-platform application, there are lots of cross-platform frameworks to choose from, so it is quite difficult for users to choose one such framework that delivers incredible experience. One of the best advantages of getting cross-platform application is that it can save your lots of time as well as money, so businesses of different industries can opt for development of cross-platform app and get lots of benefits. But»