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"In this episode of 'This is Your Life,' I share a recent interview I did for Platform University with Dan Miller o»
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"When I started building my platform, it never occurred to me to make money from it. When someone suggested I start»
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In this podcast episode, Michael Hyatt continues discussing his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, by answeri»
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Michael Hyatt talks about his brand new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, published by Thomas Nelson. From t»
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In this chapter of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World Michael Hyatt looks at the importance of properly setting up your landing pages. I apologize for not posting for a while on this topic, but the truth is I am still working on getting all my landing pages up to standard. I decided the best way to demonstrate this was to set up a new landing page for a new service I am planning on offering soon, Creative Ministry Coaching. You can see i»
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* A Catalyst nugget from Michael Hyatt In an increasingly noisy world, how will we be heard? Michael Hyatt suggests that we need a platform. There are 3 major benefits that a platform can yield: 1. Visibility 2. Amplification 3. Connection Given the work we’ve been called to, these elements are essential — but incredibly challenging to obtain given the noise of our world. Hyatt was quick to point out, however, that it’s never been easier fo»
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One of the buzzwords in these here blogging circles is “platform.”  There has been a lot of emphasis and push of late to encourage us who blog to build a platform. I have no problem with that.  If those of us who are writing blogs want to be successful (and maybe that’s the topic for another post) we may need to build our platform.  However, there is something that we need to make sure we have as well that I don’t know if I hear about»
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According to Michael Hyatt in  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (and my statistics bear this out) the About page on your blog is one of the most frequently read pages. It is highly important, especially in the  realm of ministry. People want to know your background and whether or not they can trust the orthodoxy of your point of view. They also want to know what your focus is going to be. In short they want to know who you are and what t»
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In this chapter of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World Michael Hyatt looks at the mistakes bloggers make. He has a list of 10. To see them all you’ll have to read the book. I am going to focus on just a few. I think the biggest one is people who don’t post enough. Now I realize I may dance on the edge of posting too much, but the idea is to post on a regular basis so that your readers get a consistent flow of information. This blog goes»
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This is one of the few places where I part ways with Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Michael Hyatt has a lot to say about protecting your work. Of course in order to see that you’ll have  to buy the book. I get  where he’s coming from and I even see a need for it and I suppose if someone were to take all my work and make a best seller pout of it I would be pretty upset and want some payment but here is the larger issue. To me, I w»